I Heart Technology


This blu-ray dvd burner is amazing! After both my mac desktop disc drive stopped working and our home dvd player stopped working, my family was left with no way to put photos onto discs or to watch movies from anywhere but our Wii by using Instant Netflix. So, when I was contacted by a store I [...]

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on newtown


I know it has been so long since I have been here posting. I wanted to share with you today, this beautiful post from Jamie at Simple Homeschool. She lives in newtown. After the unfathomable loss, the kick you in the gut heartbreak, and the tears that have been shed since friday, it was so [...]

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The Ugly of Motherhood

It was a night like most others. We sat at the dinner table, chatting about our days and about how many bites the kids had to eat before they could be excused to consume some other food product not called dinner – even if it was just a peach or a banana, as long as [...]

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