Ways to Save Money on Clothing and Accessories

Ways to Save Money on Clothing and Accessories

There are many places in our lives where we spend money but perhaps wish we could spend a bit less. Spending less can mean that we have more money available to save for the future, pay towards our retirement or repay our debts. As many of us spend a lot of clothing and accessories, finding ways to spend less on these can be a good place to start.

Set a Budget

It is wise to think about how much you can afford to spend before you start shopping. If you go to the mall with a credit card in your purse then you are likely to buy anything that you want. However, if you have already calculated how much you can afford to spend, then you will have to stick to that and nothing more. This should help you to make sure that you do not get a nasty shock when you return and realise that you have spent far more than you can actually afford to.

Limit how often you go shopping

It can help you to reduce how much you buy, if you do not go shopping that often. By restricting the amount of times that you visit the mall, you will restrict how much you can spend on clothing and accessories. If you know that you are on a budget it can still be really difficult to resist spending money on things when you know that you easily can do so. Seeing them can just tempt you and it is really not fair to expect you to ignore them and not buy them. Even when you do go shopping avoid going into shops that you know are outside of your budget. This will again tempt you to buy things that you cannot afford. You will feel deprived if you look at lovely things and even try them on and then remember that you cannot buy them.

Swap Items

Rather than always buying new items, consider whether you could swap some. If you have outfits that no longer fit you or you just do not like any more, then you could swap them with your friends and family for different ones. Obviously you will need to be around the same size, but you could have a swapping party with a big group so there is a good chance that there will be people of similar sizes or you can pick friends and family that are your size to ask about it. You may find that you when you ask people they think it is a great idea as they are already sick of clothing they have too and would like a change but cannot afford to buy more either.

Rent an outfit

If you have an occasion to go to and need an outfit that no one has seen before, then borrowing an outfit from someone could work really well. However, if you do not know anyone of the same size as you or you do not know anyone who has something that would work, you can hire something. There are stores which hire out all sorts of outfits these days and it can be a lot cheaper than buying something new particularly if you want something high end and you are unlikely to wear it again. You may be tempted to buy something and then sell it afterwards, but this is a gamble as you may not be able to get much of your money back, especially after you have paid to have it dry cleaned first. When renting something try to get something to match up with shoes and accessories that you already have and that will save you spending extra money on your outfit.

Second Hand Shops

If you want cheaper clothing then second hand shops may have some at a good price. Avoid vintage shops as they charge a premium for old fashioned clothes and are likely to have designer labels and things like that which are dearer. Second hand shops do take time as you have to sort through everything to see if there is anything in your size or in the style you want and they may not have sorted them already. Also you cannot browse online first and their stock will change a lot, so you never predict what they might have. However, it can be a fun shopping experience.

Sell old clothing

If you have old clothing that is still in a reasonable condition but you no longer like or it does not fit you, then selling it can be a great way to raise money so that you can buy new clothes to replace them. You can sell in all sorts of places, in social media groups, online auctions, classifieds or even have a garage sale. There are lots of options for you. Once you have sold the clothes, then you will be able to add up the money that you have made and see what other clothing you can afford with the money. You will be unlikely to be able to buy as many items as you sold, but if you go to a second hand shop you may be able to afford more.

Repurpose clothes

If you are bored of clothes, then you may be able to make them into a different clothing item. There are lots of online hacks where you can see how to make t-shirts into bags or things like that. You can also stitch accessories onto clothes, dye clothing or even cut it up to make it smaller. If clothing is too big, then you may be able to sew it smaller or pin it somehow or if it is too small you may be able to add fabric into it to make it fit you better.

Mix and Match new outfits

Another way to get around the problem of being bored with your clothing is to mix and match new outfits. Take items that you have not paired together before and try them together. You could come up with a lot of new outfits that you have not worn before and this could uplift your wardrobe without you having to put in much effort at all.


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