Ways to Save Money on Advertising

Ways to Save Money on Advertising

When it comes to advertising, all businesses have experienced times in which they want to save money on their advertisements or perhaps look for cheaper alternatives to their current methods. From shops selling products to businesses providing services online, there are always new and exciting ways to advertise your business without it costing over the odds. Every business no matter its size would always choose to have a cost effective option for their advertising or anything for that matter. Opting for things like using sale stickers to promote your offers, or social media to engage with clients are simple, low cost answers that can be highly beneficial for any sized business. With that said, we’d love to share some advice and ways to save money on advertising with you.


All businesses in some way or another will have used or are currently using printing as part of their advertising material. Be it leaflets, business cards or something else, printing is one of the best and most cost efficient ways to promote your business without it costing ridiculous prices. You can easily share your company’s information or offers at a cut of a price of other advertising methods. Once more, with printing material such as leaflets, banners, or signage you can constantly target and appeal to new customers, making your audience grow and your sales. Win, win if you ask us! Before diving straight into promoting your company through printing, make sure you have your branding right. If needed, invest in getting your brand exactly how you want it and what matches your industry. Logos, slogans, colours, and even the way you write can massively affect the way people portray your brand.

Social Media

Take advantage of all social media platforms and invest your time (not money) into engaging on your social channels. From helping to arrange appointments, manage reviews and even share your latest photographs and updates, social media is an absolute miracle for businesses of any size. You don’t always have to spend money on sponsored adds too, just ask your clients to like and share your post and offer a reward such as a free product you offer or discount. The more you post on your channels the more visibility you will receive. For example, it’s now been seen that on Facebook the pages or friends you regularly engage with are the ones you will repeatedly see on your timeline. Our advice would be to set up business pages for all of the top social media platforms and start promoting your brand today!

Think Like a Customer

If you were to visit your shop or website having not seen it before, do you feel wowed or won over by it? Does it make you want to stay there or purchase something? If you don’t feel 100% that your answers are ‘YES’ then you’ll need to do something about it. Be it changing your website into a fresher design that appeals to your audience or simply decorating your shop or tweaking with the way it looks, changes of all sizes can make a huge difference. Try to see your company, shop, or website with fresh eyes and don’t be besotted with it. Instead look at the pros and cons, and if you do see it to be appropriate changes them make them, they’ll benefit you massively in the long run. Don’t forget, first impressions count so when you think like a customer make sure you’re honest with how you feel and the opinion you get. This will be how your customers feel when they see your business for the first time. If it’s easier, look at your business as a competitor and have a look at what you’d change, and this will go a long way in improving your advertising to suit the interests of your clients. You could even have a look at what your competitors are doing and see if it works for them, but without completely duping it.

Make It Your Own

There’s no better advertisement, branding, or post that’s better than doing one that’s solely your own. From standing outside of the box to doing something that’s a little different, the best way to market your business will be to show that you’re not like anyone else. Everyone has seen how advertising works, whether it be on paper or online it takes no time at all to toss the paper away or click off the ad. But these times will change when you make it your own and show people how you’re better than other options on the market and show your worth in how beneficial you can be. With all that put together, you’re sure to see vast improvements with your advertising which will result in your business growing and your sales too!


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