Ten ways to Reduce your Insurance Costs

Ten ways to Reduce your Insurance Costs

Insurance is something that most of us pay, whether it is for our health, life, pets, home or vehicle. There are many different things that we can insure and knowing that we can get some money, should anything happen to those items or should medical care be needed, can give us peace of mind. We all choose different things to insure, depending on what we own and what we can afford as well as what insurance is covered by our employer. However, if you do have insurance, there are ways to reduce the cost, which will help you to still get the peace of mind, without paying out so much money.

Switch to a cheaper insurer

It may seem obviously but there are many people that do not compare costs to see whether there are cheaper insurers they can use. Obviously, you want to make sure that you are getting the coverage that you need form your insurance, but even with the same coverage you could find that there are insurers that will be cheaper. It is worth using a comparison website as a start to see if there are cheaper insurers and then check the details to make sure that they offer you the same as your current insurer. You could find that you will save a significant amount of money.

Boost your Deductible

Your deductible is the amount that you are prepared to pay towards the claim. Insurers will charge les if you have this at a high level as you will not be able to make claims for smaller amounts. Obviously you will need to consider how much you will be able to afford to pay. Do not just think about a one off payment either as it could be that you make several claims in quick succession and you will have to pay out each time.

Avoid Making Small Claims

If you make a claim then your insurer will increase your premium. This is because they will see you as an increased risk due to the claim that you made. Therefore if you can avoid making claims then this will keep your insurance cheaper. Obviously the whole point of insurance is to make it easier to cope with the cost of things. It can be better though to only make a claim if something is really expensive and you cannot afford it. Then you will help to keep your premiums lower for the future.

Ask about discounts

When you are renewing insurance it is always worth asking about discounts. Sometimes there will be discounts available that you are not aware of so just ask if you are on the telephone or on live online chat to find out if there are any that you can take advantage of. If you have compared prces but want to stick with your current company, tell them if you have been offered a lower price and see whether they might be willing to lower theirs to match it or at least to be a little more competitive.

Check for Unnecessary Coverage

You may find that your insurance policy covers more than you will use. Look through the policy and you may find that it has items that you feel will never be necessary for you to have insured or that you feel are just too expensive and low risk to worry about. If this is the case then you may be able to have them taken off the insurance so that your premium comes down.

Have a healthier lifestyle

If you have life insurance then having a healthier lifestyle could be a great way to keep the costs down. Obviously age is always a risk factor and you will not be able to affect that. However, you could give up smoking, drinking and drugs, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly to reduce your premium. Although they may not specifically ask you about these things when you are signing up, if you have a healthy lifestyle you will be unwell less often. This will mean that you will be more likely to need to make a claim on your medical insurance and once you have a made a claim, you will be more expensive to insure.

Drive more carefully

If you drive more carefully then you are less likely to be in a car accident or to damage your car in any way. This means that you will not have to make so many claims on your insurance and will therefore keep your premiums down. Careful drivers are rewarded with lower premiums because insurers will look at how many claims they have made in the past, to determine how much to charge them.

Get a good home and car security system

Insurance will often cover incidences of theft form homes or cars. This means that if you can show that you are doing as much as possible to protect your property against theft. Then it should reduce your premium. This means that if you get a home or car security system then it should show your insurer that you are protecting it carefully and therefore they should not charge you so much to insure it.

See if your employer covers some or all insurance or switch to one that does

For some people, their insurer will cover some of their insurance costs. This could come as part of a benefit package depending on the salary and level of the job or it could be something that the employer does for all employees. Find out what cover you have in your job and whether you think it is satisfactory. It could be worth looking for an alternative job if you think that the cover you are getting is not enough.

Consider insurance costs when buying a vehicle or home

When you are buying a new vehicle or a new home it is worth considering the insurance costs on top of everything else. You will need to calculate how much these will cost you and include all of the costs not just the price. Vehicles and homes have a running cost and insurance makes up part of this and it is therefore important to make sure that you include it.


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