Sliding Wardrobes – the Latest in Interior Design Trends

Sliding Wardrobes – the Latest in Interior Design Trends

There’s really no place like home, should yours be a rented shoebox with damp, a large country mansion with a tennis court or a penthouse suite with a rooftop pool. Wherever you call home, it’s important that you make it somewhere where you feel comfortable.

This upcoming season of Summer 2019 comes with key trends such as textures (like the plant vibe which is very popular), metallics including rose gold which is still very prominent and also natural elements and neutral tones. These looks are proving very popular, especially in the bedroom with a number of homeowners adding metallic accessories and house plants to their special places, helping to create a modern feel. However, one of the most important interior styling tips, which is popular all year round, is space and storage.

With this in mind, the minimalistic approach to furniture is king, ensuring the limelight is on the array of exciting décor and decorative accessories and not the dowdy old furniture you have, which looks boring and takes up too much space. When it comes to your bedroom, it is your haven after all, reducing the amount of furniture and items means you can maximise your space for relaxation and rejuvenation (sleep).

Reducing your Furniture Items and Creating more Storage Space

Whilst having a sliding wardrobe installed is a pricey investment, it really is worth its weight in gold when it comes to the benefits you’re going to reap from it. Not only will they complement your interior, their storage benefits also mean that they’ll transform the room. There’s a number of benefits when it comes to having a new sliding wardrobe fitted…

  • Sliding wardrobes are an investment which will last for years and also ensure the ultimate storage space
  • Easily accessible
  • Floor to ceiling wardrobes mean one thing – extra space
  • They’re very stylish and chic, so will look great in any room
  • They come in various styling options to suit your requirements

  • These wardrobes can be designed to fit into any size or space
  • They’re a property asset and will add value to your home

When choosing your new fitted wardrobe, it’s recommended to choose a simple wardrobe design that’s contemporary with clean lines. This way it’s bound to fit right in with the rest of your property interior. You can always find out how to measure for made to measure doors from the helpful team at Sliding Robes Direct

Incorporating Style and Décor Trends to Suit Your Wardrobe

So now we have our ‘blank canvas’ (reduced the amount of pointless furniture in your bedroom and created extra storage space), it’s time to go to town on the most innovative interior design styles.

  • Refreshing the trends in 2019 show stark metallic items which are still a key piece to these styles and have evolved with people trying to create a softer ambience.
  • Marble prints are still popular due to their contemporary feel and a clean finish, especially when paired with metallic pieces as well as a feminine flourish which includes natural elements like house plants.
  • Transform your home into a retreat with metallic items, textured materials, marbled pieces and natural plants. These finishes are bound to make a bold style statement as well as the metallic reflecting the light’s brightness. Small accessories like vases and candle holders can incorporate these trends within the bedroom in a subtler fashion.
  • Metallics can also be used in a more understated way but whilst still providing a bold and modern trend due to the industrial feel, so it’s important that your existing furniture or new furniture has a minimalistic style.

As well as the natural and metallic interior trends we have mentioned above, take a look at some of the other popular styles on trend this season. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, budgets and room space. Whether you’d like to change the colour of the walls or it’ a complete bedroom refurb, here’ some trends to keep in mind…

  • Copper –a very versatile metallic colour than can be blended into a range of interior styles, great for bathrooms, kitchens and lounges, copper is perfect for every room in the house.
  • Patchwork – a step up from the traditional ‘patchwork quilt’, there’s a range of patchwork items available, from different fabrics, to cushions and even upholstery.
  • White walls with fabric wall prints – a simple yet striking look, this interior trend can bring a lot of attention to a basic space.
  • Sky blue – a beautiful fresh colour which can also add calming vibes to your interior.
  • Photo frames – and lots of them, decorate your home with all your favourite memories and favourite people.
  • Aztec prints – striking Aztec prints are no longer too bold, they can easily be incorporated into your home and look great.

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