How to Make Those Dollars Last a Bit Longer

How to Make Those Dollars Last a Bit Longer

It can often seem tricky to make your money last long enough. There always seems to be something that we need to spend money on and there just never seem to be enough dollars left to buy the things that we need. However, it can be possible to make the dollars last that little bit longer.

Only take the money that you need

When you go out to buy things, then it can be wise to only take the money that you need, assuming of course you are paying in bills rather than taking a credit card. This can limit the amount that you can buy and means that you will not be able to spend more than you can afford. If you are going out but do not need anything then leave your purse or change purse at home so that it is not possible for you to spend money, even if you pass a store where you would like to buy things. Of course, you may return later to buy the items that you saw, but having a delay between seeing the item and buying it, means that you have time to think about whether you really want to purchase the item or not. It can trickier when you are shopping online, but still try to delay buying things until you have had time to think about it and decide whether it really is what you want to buy.

Take a list

If you are going grocery shopping or anywhere when you will be purchasing more than a few items, then it can be wise to make a list. If you go to the store without one, you can end up buying more than you need and then you may waste items because you do not use them. Throwing away items that you have purchased because they have gone off before you had a chance to eat them is such a waste of money. Therefore planning when you will be consuming groceries and making sure that you only buy what you need is so important. Grocery stores have a habit of having great offers on food which look irresistible but mean that we end up buying more than we need and ether consuming too much or wasting items.

Plan budgets ahead of time

It is worth planning how much you will be spending before you make a purchase. This is especially important if you are going to spend a lot of money. Consider how much you can afford and be sure to stick to that amount of money. It can be difficult when you are actually at the store to keep in mind how much you should be spending.

This is because you can be tempted by things which seem and look better than what you wanted but are priced higher than you can afford. It is so difficult sometimes, to keep of hold of yourself and only spend what you have planned on spending. To help you, it can be useful to take someone with you that will help to steer you away from the things that you cannot afford or that are beyond your budget. It may be that you are confident that you can do this for yourself if you have enough self-discipline, but it is not always easy as stores want to tempt us to spend as much money with them as possible.

Save when you get paid

A good way to make sure that you have some dollars left before you next get paid is to save some when you receive your pay check. Put some spare money away, perhaps in a savings account or somewhere else where you know that it will be safe. Try to resist spending this money and manage without it and then it will be there if you need it. Only use it in an emergency and then it should be there for when you need it.

Compare prices

It is worth comparing prices when you are buying things. It is possible to find identical items in different stores for different prices. This means that you can just spend a little time looking at prices of different brands and you could find that you can save money. It is easy to get into the habit of just buying the same items that we are familiar with but we could easily save some money if we looked for alternatives that were a bit cheaper. Even with things like insurance or utilities, it could be possible to change suppliers and save money, so it well worth doing some investigations.

Think through purchases

It is good to take some time to consider each purchase that you make. Think about whether you really need the item to start with. Consider what you will use it for and if it is the best way to spend your money. Then look at similar items and at different stores to see whether you can get it or a similar item for less money. It can take a lot of time and it is worth spending more time on this process if the item that you are buying is expensive. The more dollars you are paying, the more you could potentially save by not buying it or buying a cheaper alternative.

Look for opportunities to earn more

It could be wise to see whether you can earn a bit more money. As well as doing a regular job, there are plenty of others way to earn some extra which could help to make your dollars go further. Perhaps you could sell items that you own but do not use. You could find a second job or look online for some extra work. You may be able to do extra hours in your current job or find a better paid job. There are lots of opportunities available and you should e able to find something that will suit you skills and fit into your lifestyle.


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