Understanding Social Media and How It Will Work for Your Business

Understanding Social Media and How It Will Work for Your Business

If you have not yet connected with social media or are wondering whether you should expand your social media presence as a business then it is important to understand what the main social media channels are and how they work so that you can choose between them.


This is really easy to set up and can be used on mobile devices as well as PCs. You can be contacted privately as well as publically which allows for easy communication and you can sell through it. It can be difficult to get your information shown to all of your followers though. Facebook will not show messages that you post to everyone which means that you may be forced to pay for advertising if you want more exposure. However you may find that the adverts are shown to people that already follow you and shown to them multiple times so you end up paying for adverts which are not being viewed by lots of people.


Instagram is really for photos and is really growing. It is great if you want to show lots of pictures of your products and it also links easily with Facebook. You can sell things directly from it as well but you cannot put in active links (although you can post URLs but they have to be cut and pasted into browsers).


If you want to use videos to draw attention to your business then this is a great way to do it. They are indexed in search engines so easy for people to find and can be viewed by anyone even if they are not following you. It can take a lot of time and effort to make a good video though and it will not be good for your reputation if the one that you make is not up to scratch.


Limits on how many characters you can put in a message can be limiting but also mean that you have to get to the point quickly. It is not so good for pictures as some other platforms but it is easy to use and tweets will show in Google search results. It can also be used to sell things.


This is used to showcase images and so good if what you are selling has lots of relevant images. You will need to produce really good images though and they will be hyperlinked to their original sources which means that you can link them to your website if you have one.


This is easy to use particularly with other Google products and shows on Google searches, It is similar to Facebook though but has a much smaller audience. It is also against the rules to run promotions and competitions, so if this is something you were thinking of doing this may not be the right place for you.


This is really for business to business networking and so will be relevant if this is what your company needs to do. You can post blog length articles which could be useful. It is not so good at targeting adverts though, so if you do decide to use it then you need to be aware that you may get irrelevant content due to this.

It is wise to think about what you are expecting from social media and then you will be able to choose the right one for you. You may be tempted to try several or all of them. Beware that you will need to put time and effort into whichever you choose and so if you pick too many you may end up spreading yourself too thinly and not doing enough on each to give yourself the best chance of making an impact.

Of course you have to also make sure that you are making money by using these platforms. Creating brand awareness is one thing but you need people to buy from you and generate some income. This means that you need to think about how they will do this. Some will provide a sales platform for you which can be great, but if you do not want to use those specific social media sites then you will need something else. Obviously posting about what you sell and linking to a site where items can be bought can be helpful. However, if it is all too salesy then this can put some people off. They will not follow you if they think you are just trying to get them to buy your product.

You therefore have to do this in a more subtle way or intertwine posts about your products with other posts. With all good advertising it is finding a way to make people feel that you are helping them by selling them a product rather than the other way around. Putting details of special offers or new products on social media first could help keep people engaged and interested in following you which in turn could lead to sales. It can be worth looking at what other similar companies do to find out whether you can do something similar. Try to see which types of posts are working best for them by the amount of engagement they are getting through comments and likes. You could also try hiring a PPC agency to divert some paid traffic at your content.

It is worth giving a lot of thought to what you are hoping to achieve form social media, how you expect to achieve it and therefore which social media platform will suit that the best. It can still be daunting as there is a lot of choice out there and sometimes it is just not clear which site will be the best and how you can use it in the best ways to make more money for your business. If you are still feeling confused or just not quite decided on this then do get in touch with us as we will be able to help. We can provide guidance for you to let you know what you should be doing, which social media sites will suit you the best and how best to use them to generate income for your business.