The Little Things Days 29, 30, and 31: Live Them

I can’t believe today is the last day of October. The month seemed so long and so short all at once. That is how it goes, isn’t it? Sometimes you can’t believe how much something drags out and you can’t wait to move on to the next thing and all at the same time you want to stop time and savor every little bit that is happening.

I enjoyed sharing 31 Days of The Little Things with you for the month of October and am glad you were here.

I had intended to not be lame and have to combine the last 3 days of the month, but instead of blogging, I was living and so here we are with me combining the last 3 days.

(Date night – one of my favorite little things)

What more is there to say than to live The Little Things? Notice them, savor them, make room for them. Take advantage of how one small thing can change your entire day, your entire attitude, your heart and your home. These little things are powerful little creatures if we let them be.

(Kicking off my 33rd birthday yesterday running a 10 mile race. The Little Things are the things you love. Do them.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. I will have all the posts tidily put on one little page for you soon.

The Little Things Day 28: Some Inspiration

The Little Things Day 27: When They’re Hard To See

Sometimes, these little things aren’t so easy to see – but they are there, in the background waiting for their turn to come into focus. There are days where the big stuff wins out, but there is a comfort in knowing that as soon as we have the time and the space to breathe and see, that they are there for us.

Today was a day like that – I thought of nothing but getting done what needed to get done. I was frazzled, unfocused when it came to anything else getting in the way. I got it done, leaving the fuzziness in the background knowing that when it was time, I could bring it into focus again. The day came to an end and I was able again to appreciate the giggles at dinnertime. I was able to focus on the details at home. I was able to sit and stare as they snored in their beds. All with nothing upstaging them. Nothing but the little things left to see, to appreciate, to let back in.

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