10 Minutes to a Clean Bathroom

10 Minutes to a Clean Bathroom

I know I have said this before about the power of 10 minutes, but it bears repeating. There are so many *little* things that I put off and put off until I am insane and then when I finally get around to doing it, I think of how ridiculous it was that I had something nagging at me for sooooo loooong when all it took to get it done was 10 minutes.

(Wouldn’t it be nice if to go along with this post, I had a picture of my actually clean bathroom? I would never be so organized. This is not actually my currently clean bathroom, this is the only photo of my bathroom I could find from last year or two years ago or who knows how long now. Cluttered. But this photo will have to do since I don’t have my camera at the moment. Imagine a lot less clutter and a little sparlkier.)

My bathroom has been so in need of a deep clean. You know how it can be with boys in the house. And toothpaste. Messy. Dirty. Gross. And every time I went in there, I’d think “I need to *clean* this room”, then I would promptly leave the room, shut the door and pretend it didn’t exist. Until the next time and the next time.

Finally, yesterday I went in there to take a bath and instead of starting the bath and going and putzing around on the computer until it was ready, I thought “I bet I could have this room clean before the bath is ready! What a treat a bubble bath will be after I am done scrubbing this room.”

I got my gloves, my spray, my rags and my vacuum and I had the room spotless clean before the bubbles were overflowing.

And I really enjoyed the bath afterwards.

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  1. Do I ever understand.

    I think I have about a couple of hours worth of 10min projects to do. Though maybe it wouldn’t actually take that long..but it my mind it would so..I let them all wait and drive me crazy in the meanwhile.

    Nice to hear you again!

  2. Glad you had a nice bath in a clean room. I put things off too and it’s so silly. You’re right, it usually only takes a handful of minutes to clean something up. Thanks for encouraging me to just go do it.