What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday


Well, it’s another Wednesday and here I am organized enough to share a couple outfits with you. Last week was so crazy that by the time I got home from work everyday all I wanted to do was put on pajamas and curl up in a ball. This week has been less crazy, thus I have been more patient with keeping my “stuffy” clothes on.

Monday, I wore this. Nothing too exciting, but it was comfy.

Pencil skirt with belt is Banana Republic from a local consignment shop, new with tags for $12. The short sleeved button up is JCrew Haberdashery from Goodwill, $4. I feel fancy in that shirt.

Please forgive my messy garden. I only have so much time in a day.

After work and before taking my daughter to her after school activities, I changed into comfier clothes.

Tank, JCrew, from goodwill new with tags for $4. Have I convinced you to shop at Goodwill yet?  Jeans, Seven for All Mankind from Ebay. Purse, Matt & Nat, Goodwill $3. Do you hate me?

I made hubby take one more picture that included my feet – because I was so excited that I could finally wear shoes that covered my feet after the traumatic blister incident from last week. I love my Toms. Thanks mom!

And Tuesday, nothing exciting again. But I did get dressed, there is that! I am sure my coworkers appreciated it.

Top, JCrew $4 from goodwill. Pencil skirt, Banana Republic $4 from Goodwill. Belt, Target. This outfit was so darned comfy that I got out of work at 1:30 and did not change until 8! Comfy.

And I put my hair into a sock bun. I was so proud of myself. I really loved not having my crazy hair all over the place all day.

And this next picture is just so you can see that I am a completely nerdy freak. If you didn’t know that already. It looks like the chicken is attacking me but really she was just trying to fly out of my arms after I picked her up because she was pecking at my feet. The chickens really want to be on the blog apparently. Oh…leopard flats are from Target.

That’s all for now. I have embarrassed myself enough for one day.


Head on over to http://thepleatedpoppy.com/blog/ to join in or just get some inspiration. Hopefully you won’t feel as frumpy as I do after visiting everyone else.

pleated poppy


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  1. Rachel says:

    I wish we had a Goodwill… You are in Jax right? My in-law live there and maybe next time I visit I will have to check out your Goodwill! Glad to see you posting again!

    Emily Reply:

    near Jax – about 30 minutes away. their goodwill is better than mine, i hear, but I just never get up there.

  2. Love the outfits! AND love the sock bun. You are going to have to do a tutorial on the blog because I am all thumbs when it comes to my own hair.

    I love the leopard flats, too cute!

    Emily Reply:

    i will def show you how to do it :)

  3. Every blog should have a chicken. :)

    Okay my Florida friend, you have an amazing GoodWill eye for great finds!

    Love the blue tank on you.

    Emily Reply:

    thank you!!! xo

  4. I love all your Goodwill finds; you look fantastic! I was worried about your safety when I saw that chicken-attack shot, though. Good to know it was not as bad as it looks ;-)

    Emily Reply:

    nope, not bad. just funny :)

  5. Love the picture with the chicken. So fun! You look very nice in all your photos. Congrats on the sock bun. It looks perfect. I’ve not been brave enough to try it.

    Emily Reply:

    so easy! you have to try it!

  6. classy and pretty. and the chicken pic made me laugh out loud. ;)

    Emily Reply:

    thanks girl! xo

  7. Classy. And I’m jealous of those price tags! What deals.

    Emily Reply:

    thanks! come shopping with me :)

  8. Well, it only took a friend bugging me about coupons for a couple of months before I got sucked in and became a true believer. After reading this post, I have a feeling that the Goodwill might just be my next venture. ; )

    You’re darling, as always!

    Emily Reply:

    i’ll take you thrift shopping and you can get me to use coupons. i am the worst about not using them.

  9. Loving these pics (the chicken one is awesome :) I especially like the cripness of the first outfit!

    Emily Reply:

    Thanks Emily!! xo

  10. Leandra says:

    Love the clothes. You are so lucky with Goodwill. Have you tried the Goodwill boutique up in Ponte Vedra? I hear they do the work for you and pick out great clothes. I love Goodwill but have a hard time being in the right mood to go trough all the madness, so I usually hit one section at a time (jeans on one trip, skirt on another…) Love the article and the pics too!

  11. love the leopard flats=)

  12. LOVE your outfits! They are so pretty! I shop at Savers for my clothes, and I love all of the amazing finds that I pick up! I go once a week and look through the racks piece by piece and almost always find great things! :-) So glad to have found another thrifty shopper! ;-)

  13. Wow – your Goodwill finds are amazing! I am so jealous…and inspired. I may be stopping at Goodwill very soon to find some new clothes! You have a great sense of style!

  14. Wow – all that from Goodwill?!?!? That’s amazing!
    You got me convinced!

  15. I love that you shop at goodwill, so do I. I once heard a news-reporter say to another anchor,” ewwww. I could never wear anything from a thrift store, its just so weird.” I wanted to jump thru the tv and strangle her. She obviously was dumber than she looked. LOL. It was after a story on thrift store finds, and name brand clothing to be found there. This was about the time the economy really starting tanking, and I could not believe she would say such a thing on air. you do great work.

  16. Oh man, I totally hear you! I feel the same way after my tmetarent was over in the past 2 months. I can relate to wanting to be moving but your body having other ideas. I wrote a few posts about my journey with weight loss, and that really helped me to remember it’s a journey and it’s going to even out once I get back on the road. Good luck friend! Drop a line if you need to vent