I really love Fridays now. It’s not that the weeks are bad, but I really love waking up and thinking that this is the last day this week that I have to speed kids along in getting their shoes on and teeth brushed. It’s the last day of the week that I have to put thought into what I wear and spend the day in uncomfortable shoes. Speaking of uncomfortable shoes, I wore new shoes this week two days in a row and the side of my right foot is ripped up. I got a blister, put a bandaid on it, the bandaid came off and I still had to wear the shoes for 4 more hours then by the time I got home, the blister was gone and my foot was raw instead. That was Tuesday night and since then I have worn the only not flip flops but still open on the side sandals to work that I own and it’s been fine. But I had a running date with a friend last night and so I had to brave putting socks and shoes on. I got some moleskin and my hubby fixed me up so I could walk. It was still pretty sore, but I survived the run (after about a mile, it was numb anyway so I just couldn’t feel how bad it was, I guess). Today it’s throbbing and it seems I may just have to live in sandals for a while. Isn’t this fascinating? You are so glad I told you about it, I know.

Since starting my job, my afternoons and evenings are full of all of the things I used to do during the day before. I did 6 loads of laundry on Thursday night and actually enjoyed myself. I know, I’m weird. I really like folding laundry, but I hate putting it away. I love folding and making piles and seeing how high my piles can get before they fall over.

My laundry might be done, but the rest of my house is a disaster. Maybe it’s because I am gone all day and when I get home I really just want to spend time with my kids doing something other than saying “Pick up your toys!” for 4 hours. So, I let them play while I enjoy them and the house falls apart. But it’s totally worth it. The other night, my kids made forts (and yes, the forts are still up in the kitchen and living room where we walk all the time and it should be annoying to have to go around them, but somehow it’s not). I know my house won’t always have blanket forts set up, so I am enjoying it. Anyway, so my son built his fort and was happily playing in it and my daughter built her fort, then instead of happily playing in it, kept “accidentally” walking by her brothers and almost knocking it over. Do your kids do stuff like that to each other? I don’t understand it. So, that drama all ended and I was sitting on the couch folding laundry and watching Wizards of Waverly Place (my favorite show, ha ha) when my 5 year old walks over to me and gently puts his cute little hand on my shoulder and says “If you want to hang out with me, you can come on by my fort later.” It was so so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. My 5 year old awkwardly asked me on a date. I went and it was fun. He was very charming, polite, handsome and we had good conversation. I hope he asks me on another date soon :)

Today at work I am going to be showing my boss how to use his DSLR camera. So I get to spend a few hours in our adorable little downtown taking pictures. I have no clue how to teach people to use their camera and get good pictures, because really I only learned by a lot of trial and error, but I am going to try to see if I can somehow explain some of the basics. I still kind of can’t believe that I get to do things that I really enjoy when I am at work. It’s pretty cool.

Until the next time I have 20 minutes to sit at the computer…


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  1. Oh, I love it! This working mom stuff is hard!!! I was totally nodding in agreement with your laundry story! I love folding laundry, but hate putting away, also! I hope your foot is feeling better soon!

    Emily Reply:

    Yes, it is hard! A new normal to get used to!!

  2. I totally understand about the blister! Band-aid actually makes Blister band-aids. I had to buy some.

    Emily Reply:

    I should try those. This is right on the side of my foot, and it’s hard to get anything to stay in place over it.

  3. Sorry about your foot first of all and secondly-I want to be the mom that is not annoyed by forts being left up for days and days ;) Sounds like you really enjoy the new ‘normal’ in your life! :)

    Emily Reply:

    thanks Kristi! xo

  4. Helene says:

    I fold into piles, then have the kids put them away, works for me! Ug, sore feet from shoes…I wear Earth Origins and Earth Spirit shoes from Planet Shoes. SO comfortable. Several “formal” and casual styles. I’ve been wearing these for years daily and cannot say enough good things about them. They are also in the all-important More Affordable category. Enjoy your happy weekend with your lovely family- you deserve it!

  5. Barbara says:

    Thank you for such an honest and lovely post. You have shared bits of your days that we all experience and it was wonderful to read and made all the bad bits seem not so bad. I really appreciated your post.

  6. I totally relate to your post. I just went back to work after a lovely 3 month maternity leave. When I get home, all I want to do is play and snuggle with my kiddos. I’ve thrown out all hope of keeping a perfect home. My kids and our time together means more to me than a pile of dishes in the sink and towels on the floor.