What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

I haven’t participated in What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy in a loooong time. With my new job (thank you all so much for the congratulations – what a boost!), I had to figure out an appropriate work wardrobe pretty quickly without spending my first year’s salary on new clothes. When I got the job, I quite literally had three pairs of not jeans and maybe a skirt or two, none of which were really work appropriate anyway. You know I love thrifting for clothes, so I started at my Goodwill and got really lucky the first try so that I could survive getting dressed the first week of work. I am tall and that makes finding pants on a limited budget quite difficult. I was lucky to find that first day that someone else tall had donated their work wardrobe. I snagged a couple pairs of pants, a silk skirt and a dress and made do with those few things to mix in with what I had in my closet. From there, I kept stopping in Goodwill once a week to see if I could add some more options without spending an arm and a leg. Over the past few weeks, I have come across some really great finds and finally feel like I have enough basics to mix and match and I can stop shopping. Whew!

One thing that I love is pencil skirts. I think they work well with my body type and wow, they are soooo comfy.

This black with white pinstripes skirt was one of 3 Banana Republic pencil skirts I scored for $4 each. I love the pockets.

The chambray shirt is from Old Navy. It may be my favorite shirt. I really really love it and I really really wish I had gotten the red one too because when I went back to get it, they were all out :( boo hoo. Necklace that you can barely see is lisa leonard designs.

After work, I changed into comfier clothes for taking my daughter to gymnastics and lounging around.

The sequined striped tank top is from JCrew that I got on ebay. I also got the jeans on ebay – 7 for all Mankind. I love them, but refuse to pay $165/pair so I get them on ebay. The chickens wanted to join me for pictures. The bracelet is my favorite accessory and is from a local boutique here, but you can get one online if you like at their website goldfinch boutique. The leopard flats are from Target.

I have no clue why I look pregnant in that picture. I promise I am not.

Tuesday for work, I wore this dress that I got at Goodwill. It’s Shabby Apple and I got it for $6. I seriously grabbed it and RAN to the dressing room to try it on when I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t come with the polka dot belt, it has a plain navy blue belt but I couldn’t find it so I put this other one on and then found the navy one but decided to be wild and crazy and keep the polka dot one on. I really live life on the edge.

See? Wild and crazy.

More outfits next week. I only was on the ball enough to have hubby take pictures the past 2 days.

Happy Wednesday!!

Head over to The Pleated Poppy to get some getting dressed in the morning inspiration!

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  1. Alright, now. I need to go thrifting with you! Sweet scores. You look darling!

    Emily Reply:

    Thanks, friend!!

  2. darn it, now my ‘I can’t thrift for clothes, I’m too tall’ excuse is seriously dead in the water. You look fabulous!! What fab outfits.

    (oh, and when we hang out this summer you’re going to have to teach me to do eBay successfully.)

    Emily Reply:

    It is *not* easy to find stuff for long legs. But some brands have regular lengths that are made long enough, so I score those sometimes. I’m wearing reguar length j crew dress pants today – $4 – that were long enough, but I have to wear them with flats :)

    Would love to share some ebay tips!!


  3. Love those outfits! You look fantastic dressed for work or lounging!

    I’ve been wanting to start a clothes post too but I always remember taking a picture AFTER I’ve taken the clothes off and putting them away. No one wants to see that picture.

    Emily Reply:

    Ha! Yes, that happens to me sometimes too :)

    Can’t wait to see some of your outfits!!


  4. What awesome finds! You look great on a budget! :)

    Emily Reply:

    Thank you xo

  5. Valerie J. says:

    Beautiful! You’re an inspiration!

    Emily Reply:

    Thanks Valerie!!

  6. I want to go to YOUR Goodwill!! Great finds!!

    Emily Reply:

    Come! I love thrifting companions :)

  7. Your clothes (and you) look great! I’m really impressed with the deals you got.

    I’m also impressed with the looks of your garden in the background. Can we see more pictures of it, too? :)

    Emily Reply:

    thanks, beth! The garden is a big mess but i will share more of it soon. Motivation to get it cleaned up!

  8. Look you so pretty! Great deals, especially the Shabby Apple dress. Score!

    Emily Reply:

    I know!!! I got another shabby apple dress the next week. I love my goodwill :)

  9. Good going!!! You look great!

    Emily Reply:

    Thank you JJ? MISS YOU!!

    Emily Reply:

    that wasn’t meant to be a question ;)

  10. great looks, i love the denim with the skirt, so stylish

    Emily Reply:

    Thanks :)

  11. Wow can’t believe you found $4 skirts from Banana Republic! I love the pockets on them too. And I too lament the loss of the red chambray from Old Navy… when I went they were out of my size! Love your outfits.

    Emily Reply:

    Such a bummer. I found one on ebay but it was petite. I’m out of luck!!

  12. $4 skirts from Banana Republic!!!!!!!! EEEKKK! Awesome!

    Emily Reply:

    I know!!! Now to find some cute blue/green jeans :)

  13. Oh you have some seriously great style! In love with that Chambray shirt with the pencil skirt!!

    Emily Reply:

    Thanks!! Love your site. Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. i can NOT believe you got the BR skirts for $4!!! i am a brand new ebay fanatic. just scored a super cute floral jcrew dress for only $20! so excited!

    p.s. we want chickens too! =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  15. Wow! First of all, you have an amazing figure! So jealous!

    What great finds at Goodwill- you look polished, professional and perfect!

    Found you from WWIW- I’ll be back.

  16. LOVE the outfit with the pencil skirt – looks great on you!

  17. I love that chambray shirt! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one for myself.:)

  18. Amy Guild says:

    Hi Emily, You looks cool. I cannot see you are like pregnant in those pictures. Don’t worry. They are really beautiful. Luxury Italian Tours

  19. I’ve never heard of What I Wore Wednesday. What a neat idea! It’s really inspirational. i’m going back to work from maternity leave and needed to add some things to my wardrobe. I spent way too much for just a few items (I think I might actually return them and try thrifting). I like the versatility of the your choices.


  20. It’s a plareuse to find someone who can think so clearly