Merry & Bright

Merry & Bright

On a whim I decided to do a craft with my kids a couple of days ago. Doing a craft with my kids really ended up meaning I did the craft while they played outside then when I was done, they came in and showed off “their” craft to their daddy like they’d done all the work. The circle banner garland thingy was really fun and easy. Just paper circles sewn together to make a big long tangly twisted garland that I hung as best I could considering the tangly twisted part.

Such is life, you do one little project that takes a few minutes and suddenly another project emerges. With our mismatched stockings hung below the bright and cheerful banner, I realized that it was time to get some new, nicer, matching stockings. Off to the store we went only to find that they are all cheaply made and ugly and expensive. So I spent a few dollars on felt and made my own. Seriously, I spent $4.62 and made 4 stockings. Please don’t think I enjoyed it – in my head, sewing is way more fun than it ever is while I’m doing it. But when it’s over, I look at a finished product and first, I wonder how all that swearing and needle breaking and such turned into something useable and then I pat myself on the back for actually sticking with it and miraculously turning all the frustration into something my kids adore.

And now, we’re 3 days from Christmas and I’m feeling weary and ready to rest from the lists and chaos. I want to be done so I can sit and enjoy – breathe – for a few moments before the day arrives and is gone in a blink. I don’t want to feel like I missed it.

Each night, the 4 of us have snuggled up and watched another holiday movie on instant netflix while eating popcorn. We’ve baked cookies together, wrapped some gifts with stuff we’ve found around the house together and we’ve had moments of quiet and still to remember what the season means beyond the stuff and the lists.

May the coming days be merry and bright for you.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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  1. Love the stockings! I saw a garland on pinterest that I want to do for Valentine’s day but I love yours too! A very merry Christmas to you my friend! Enjoy that beautiful and blessed family of yours!

  2. That is the EPITOME of merry and bright. You are amazing. Your feelings about sewing make me smile- I’m the same way!

  3. “…miraculously turning all the frustration into something my kids adore.” That’s what it’s all about, right? Love it :-) Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow…I love the stockings. I can’t sew to save my life, so I am definitely impressed by your skills.