Six Things on Saturday

Six Things on Saturday

I can’t believe a week has flown by and the blog got neglected. Finally it’s Saturday morning and I have a few minutes to just sit with nothing else looming in the horizon.

1. I had a post up at Creative Kristi this week as part of her spread bloggy love series. If you’d like to read about my number one tip for blogging and some bloggers that have inspired me, head on over to spread bloggy love day 7.

2. School is out! Thursday was the last day of searching for socks all morning and packing lunches. I love summer break!!!


My daughter’s fake birthday party was yesterday morning. Her actually birthday isn’t until next month, but she’s old enough to want a party with friends so this is the 2nd year in a row that we’ve had a party for her before we leave for our summer at the cottage. There were some things I was really nervous about the whole day and plenty of times leading up to it that I asked myself “why am I doing this?!” but once the party was underway and my worries were unfounded, I was glad we did it. Everyone had a great time, and what a way to kick off summer break and say goodbye to our friends for the summer.

4. Speaking of leaving for the cottage, we leave in 4 days. I’m not ready. I’m flying alone with my two kids and am so afraid they’ll be crazy on the trip and I’ll be the mom everyone glares at on the plane and talks about to everyone when they land. “How was your flight?” “Terrible! There were these two kids who were loud and obnoxious and their horrible mother couldn’t control them.” Please let that not be me. I spent a small fortune on activity books this week in hopes they will be occupied enough to not fight with each other the whole flight.

5. I love this post on The Value of Being Heard. I think there were moments I stopped breathing while I read it, and I cried. It can feel so overwhelming raising a girl – so much to worry about – but this, is one thing I can do.

6. And this post is one I loved too and related very much to. I Seem to Have Lost My Glasses. Attitude adjustments and changes of perspective are so good sometimes.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Glad to hear you had your daughter’s party early so she could have her friends there. She’ll always remember that! Enjoy your summer at the cottage. I always love seeing photos from your trip!

  2. A piece of advice a friend shared when traveling with kids is just keep reminding yourself you will never see these people again. Don’t worry…enjoy the trip.