13: A New Project

13: A New Project

I am having a slight panic attack just writing this post, but here it is out there to the world. Two weeks from today, exactly 5 years to the day after we bought our home, is the closing for the sale of this house (if all goes as planned, which we expect it will). We are not moving. This has been a dream for my hubby for a long time – to buy sad, neglected, once charming homes and make them nice again and then rent them. This is step one in beginning that journey. I am terrified and excited all at once. I am so happy that his dream is becoming a reality after lots of hard work and pinched pennies. The house, as you can see, has seen better days. I like to think it was once quite charming and will be again with a whole lot of sweat and a bunch of nails among many other things. I am having a hard time looking past the broken and seeing the renewed, but I know it will be beautiful one day and become what we are hoping for. I am warning you now, this is not going to be one of those quick little fixes. I expect a finished product in 5 years, so that probably means 10 years. Nonetheless, we are one step closer. I am going to have to come up with a name for this home. Maybe it will come to me as time goes on and I get to know her better.

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  1. Whoa, Em! That is a huge undertaking but what a labor of love it will be!! And so fun too (once you get past all the broken and get to the pretty!!!)

    Can’t wait to watch the transformation!! Good thing your home is so lovely and you can go at your own pace on the rental! That will make it much more fun!

  2. Emily,

    How awesome is that! You are going to have fun with this one. It looks like a diamond in the rough. It will be so fun to watch the progress as you go along.


  3. Em, this post is so exciting for me to see. I’m completely speechless in a happy way I just don’t know how to express.
    You guys will be awesome!

  4. Yay! Congrats! How fun and I can’t wait to begin seeing the process, it’s going to be incredible I’m sure!!!

  5. WOW!!! I can’t believe this…. congrats! I can’t wait to see the progress of this home.

  6. Congratulations!! Do you read Kim’s blog over at Newly Woodwards? She’s awesome, and I think it would make you feel a little better about what you’re getting in to!

  7. Em! I love it!! I can just see how adorable she once (and will be!) was!! Perfection.
    Good luck and I’m so happy for you and for your hubby’s dream to be one step closer to coming true!!

  8. Wow Emily!! How exciting. I can’t wait to see your progress :)

  9. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to start seeing the renovating…at least you don’t have to live in it at the same time as doing the work ;0)

  10. Wow… how exciting! I’m sure it will be incredible and how wonderful to be a step closer in following a dream!

  11. Oh WOW. Look at all of that potential! It’s already beautiful to me. I cannot wait to see it once y’all have worked some magic on it. YAY!

  12. YAY! Hubby and I have flipped several houses. It’s soooo much work, but such a huge reward too.

  13. My husband has a similar dream; we’re about 5 years behind you.

  14. oh, exciting! i’m sure you’ll really make her SHINE! :)


  15. Way to go! We’re launching our own family dream right now of a different kind (quitting a job and making a big move) so I kind of know how you feel. Excited, scared, oh my goodness kind of feeling.

  16. I love that you’re doing this! Sounds like an exciting project to take on, and I can’t wait to watch the progress over the next 5 (10?) years. Good luck! :-)

  17. Thank you all for your words of excitement and encouragement. I’m still so nervous about it, but know it will be great. I can’t wait to share as the project progresses.

  18. It is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to watch all the progress!

  19. VHiggins says:

    That is so cool! Congratulations! I see a lot of potential just from that one photo, I think it’ll be a lot of hard work but worth it. Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  20. LOVE this plan! What a fun project for you guys and you’re improving a neighborhood, too. Love it!

  21. These pictures are betetr than anything I ever dreamed of. I never thought I would look so beautiful. All of the most amazing moments of the day were captured perfectly!Our memories are going to last forever thanks to you Catherine. Thank you


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