Under the Lights

Under the Lights

My favorite thing about this time of year is the lights everywhere. Not flashing ones, or strobe ones or over the top ones. Just lights. I love how magical it feels to pull up to my house each time and be reminded – it’s Christmastime!

When I wake in the morning and sit in the still quiet of my living room in the chair next to the tree at 5:45 in the morning, waiting for the kettle to whistle with the water for my coffee, I am reminded under the lights – it’s Christmastime.

When my daughter asks for a small tree just for her to decorate, I say yes. It is, afterall, the Christmas of Yes. We pick a tabletop tree, she chooses a sparkly star for the top and uses lights and ornaments we have to decorate. There is only one candy cane left and I haven’t had one yet.

I haven’t been baking. I finished my shopping. We’ve been living the quiet life, away from the stores and the lines. There isn’t much to share right now except the tiny glimpses of the day to day under the lights that remind me in their gentle way – it’s Christmastime.

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  1. I haven’t been shopping. We didn’t buy a tree or any new ornaments. We are trying to use what we have this year and be happy with LESS. Saying YES to LESS. I’m a poet!!

  2. I haven’t finished my shopping, done any baking or wrapped a single gift. But I can still tell it’s Christmastime. I love the lights on the tree. I could lay underneath a lit tree in a dark room & just watch the twinkling for hours.

  3. We’re doing less for Christmas this year too! Trying to keep the focus where it should be. I love the second picture … the one with the candy cane on the chair. So creative! Merry Christmas!

  4. very pretty, i love the colored lights with the candy cane!

  5. My daughter bought her own little tabletop tree a few years ago, and still sets it up on Dec 1st every year – and she is almost 18. I love it :-)

  6. Love the second one the colors just draw me in.

  7. These are amazing!! :)

  8. I haven’t been in a single store. Or the mall. Or shopped, at all.

    My husband bought a few gifts online for our nephews, but mostly – I’m just wanting to Just. Be. this season.

    Your lights are dreamy. And delish. And now I want a candy cane.

    Happy Christmastime to you.


  9. I just love this candy cane picture. It is simply bokey beautiful.

  10. ahem… bokeh beatiful ; )

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