Making the Most of What We Have

Making the Most of What We Have

The only white we have on the ground here is sand. We can wear tshirts on a windy day at the beach on December 6th. We string Christmas lights on palm trees and some people put fake flamingos with santa hats on them in their front yard. It may not be traditional, but it’s wonderful. The spirit of the season doesn’t have to come with cold noses and snowy yards.

While our friends and family up north were all busy building snowmen,we ventured to the beach in Miami over the weekend. Without hesitation the moment we arrived, my older one led her younger brother showing him to “sled”. I had to put the santa hats on them. When I think back to the pictures that capture glimpses of moments in time of my brother and I playing together, I have a feeling that this picture will be one of those lifelong keepers for them. “Remember the time we went sledding at the beach?” It was fun, it was beautiful. And it was all about making the most of what we have right here right now.

I’m linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday at Life With My 3 Boybarians today. Check it out for many gorgeous photos.

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  1. Us too! However, today feels strangely like it did when I was growing up in Southern Indiana! I hope you have a blessed christmas!

  2. Positively BEAUTIFUL picture, Emily. Happy Holidays to all of you!

  3. Lovely photo! Wish I was there right now. Outside my home it’s a chill factor of -1 degrees. Brrrrr.

  4. Oh! Oh! This is exactly what my husband and I dream of. Snow and cold…never again if we had our way. Meanwhile, the kids are having a grand time in it.
    Thanks for your own personal wisdom on your blog. I’m certainly in the midst of my own personal “stuff-o-haulic” therapy. So far, I’m doing pretty well.
    Enjoy it down there!!

  5. What a FUN picture. I agree, it will probably be one they will look back on fondly in the years to come.

  6. Oh what a great photo! And what wonderful memory you’ve captured!

  7. What a great picture…I love it. Much different than here!

  8. Oh my goodness. This is seriously the CUTEST THING EVER! In place of snow, sand is just perfect. I LOVE their hats. What a clever idea. Perfect!

  9. Now THAT is a fantastic picture! Great, great memories I’m sure.

  10. Ohhhh, what a great photo full of your sweet famiily memories. I have to say, my folks lived in Hawaii for awhile and, while I loved visiting, I knew I would REALLY miss the seasons. But today, with the temps in the teens here, it looks VERY appealing! Have a Sweet Shot Tuesday! :)

  11. What a great shot full of your sweet family memories! I must confess, when my folks lived in Hawaii, I loved to visit but I knew I would miss the seasons. Today, however, with our temps in the teens, it looks awfully inviting! Thanks for a Sweet Shot for Tuesday!

  12. I will trade you. It was 6 degrees when I went to work today.

  13. That’s awesome! It’s snowing here.

  14. Love this! And I wish it was me.

  15. Love this picture. I’m sure it will become a charished memory for each of those delightful children. Great photo. It looks so warm and I’m so COLD!

  16. Fun! Reminds me of our recent trip to Hawaii. Although, I wouldn’t mind the snow since it would get rid of this rain!

  17. So glad you “froze” this wonderful moment in time! Adorable! I am trying to get used to the c-o-l-d temps here in Chicago so the beach looks delightful.

  18. I so love this one! I’m a beach girl but live in Maryland so it’s not as if I can just go and do this. I do have a lot of family in the West Palm area and try to get there when I’m desperate :)

  19. Great shot!!!

  20. This post really spoke to me. I currently live on the island of Guam where it is always HOT and HUMID. A couple of days ago my husband, our four year old son, our two year old son and I had a “snowball” fight with baby wipes. LOL Adapt and overcome, right?