{31 Days of Living Simply} Day 13 ~ A Real Home

{31 Days of Living Simply} Day 13 ~ A Real Home

I hear from so many people about the places we all call home. People who think their house is too big, small, messy, undecorated, not the way they want it. It can be so easy to get drawn into this and feel the not good enoughs when it comes to home, especially if you throw in magazine reading and even blog reading. Everyone else seems to have the perfect kitchen, the perfect space for entertaining, and a magical house that never gets dirty.

We all know that’s not really how it is, but it’s easy to let it hold us back if we think our homes aren’t good enough.

Today, my column is up at Simple Mom Does Your House Attitude Need a Paint Job?

From that article, I wrote, There is no reason we should be ashamed to invite acquaintances, friends, or extended family into a home that is good enough for us and our immediate family to live in each and every day. You can read the rest at Simple Mom.

If ever you needed encouraging about your home and entertaining in it when it is less than perfect, you have to look no further than Reluctant Entertainer’s 31 Days to Stress-Free Entertaining. Sandy is real, imperfect, and offers tips for welcoming people into your home no matter what your home is or what your space has to offer.

A real home isn’t about pretty walls. It’s made up of the people inside.

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  1. I really needed this post today…thank you!

  2. “a magical house that never gets dirty”

    So true that we THINK this, but it’s just not true. I’ve been working on not apologizing for dishes, laundry, toys everywhere when someone comes into my house. Either they love me or they don’t. Usually, they do!

  3. You are so right! I remember when my sister was going through an interminable bathroom remodel. She was afraid to have people over, so I suggested that she just put a sign on the bathroom door that said, “Please excuse our mess. Life in progress.” It diffused her stress and gave people a relaxed humor about the chaos. Like you say, if it’s good enough for us and our families, it’s good enough for all! We all know what life can be like at times!

  4. thanks…i remind myself of this very often :-)

  5. So so true!! Well said!! I also have to remind myself of this often!!

  6. Thank you. I focus on all the flaws and some things just can’t be fixed in a hurry. We have rearranged our house in a majorly new way for the first time in the six years we have been living here. I’m having a party here in a day and a half and just keep staring at all the imperfections. Yet I am so forgiving of the ‘flaws’ in my friends homes!

  7. Nothing’s perfect. That IS quite a lesson in life. And I’m glad you mentioned the pretty (and PERFECT) pictures in magazines and in blogs. I’ve never felt so inferior since I started blogging. Attitude adjustment, I guess.

  8. I love this. It is just where my head has been getting to lately. We are in our new house for a year and I find myself frustrated that it isn’t all “done” by now. But life happens. Days happen. Moments happen. There is no prize at the end of “done”. I am trying to enjoy the moments. Thanks for the reminder. :)