Link Love

Link Love

I have been a horrible, terrible, no good link sharer as of late. There are some things I feel compelled to write about now that I can actually sit down and breathe and because there is nothing better to do in Florida at noon than to sit inside in the air conditioning.

A couple weeks ago, The Other Emily was kind enough to let me guest post at her blog. If you don’t know her yet, let me just tell you she is all kinds of wonderful. She makes the world more beautiful with her words and she can capture beauty in the most fabulous ways through her lens. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Blissdom, where she was gracious enough to meet me for coffee so we could just chat and it was wonderful. I feel so blessed to call her a friend. Anyway, the guest post can be found here from darkness to light. You’re better off just skipping my babbling and clicking around her site for all the wonderful inspiration she offers.

Some other things I’d like to share with you are these:

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am just so glad to have your happy smiling face back! Can’t wait to go check out the links! :)

  2. Welcome back Emily! Thanks for the linking. I like your new tagline “Simple is Beautiful.”

  3. Awww…thanks emily! love the new look and i can’t wait to see your office when it’s done! And really there is a hierarchy to cleaning? hmmm…