Come On In: A Cottage Tour

Come On In: A Cottage Tour

I have given plenty of tours of the cottages over the past couple of summers. But it’s still fun and I realize each year that my lens likes to capture new things.

There are two cottages. To get a visit of the other one, you can see this post Melissa at The Inspired Room did last year: Come Snoop Around This Cottage on the Lake.

The cottage my kids and I stay in is up the hill from that cottage. My parents bought it when I was little, it was a falling apart mess. For years it sat there neglected until about 6 or 7 years ago when they remodeled it and added on to make it what it is today. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).  Watch your step as we duck down inside:

Right as you enter, the kitchen is on the left. I shared a whole post about the Cottage Kitchen last summer.

My kids have a play area behind the kitchen island. I’ve shared it before, back when I was really bad at taking pictures :) Creatively Concealed Under Stairs Play Area.

I also shared the Cottage Bathroom. That link will provide a larger glimpse than the tub, although I admit the tub does steal the show.

Through the kitchen is the living room. You won’t want to linger there long when you see the front porch. This is where I am if I am not in the kitchen eating or in the lake swimming.
I read and write and drink coffee in that (overexposed) green chair. Can you tell? It looks loved doesn’t it?

The bedrooms are small. That’s one thing I love about cottage living. All you need in a bedroom is a place to lay your head and a place to hang your towel.

I hope you enjoyed today’s little tour, getting glimpses of this place I call home in the summer.

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  1. Oh, that bathtub is fabulous!!!

  2. Love that bathroom! And the comfy chair!!! (Looks like you are having a great summer!)

  3. looks like such a sweet place – love all the vibrant colors on the bead board!! :)

  4. I love the linens, reminds me of April Cornell. I miss the shops here, they are all gone.

  5. I do LOVE that tub!!! : )

  6. What a wonderful place and if you can’t find inspiration here, well you can’t probably find it anywhere. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great cottage, love the tub.

  8. Ahhh… there is hope! I’ve got a tub like this sitting behind my fathers garage. I’ve wanted to redo it, but haven’t been brave enough.

  9. WOW. Beautiful!!! This is pretty much my dream cottage, lucky girl!


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