How to Make an Ottoman Slipcover

How to Make an Ottoman Slipcover

I really shouldn’t be doing a how to post on this, seeing as I just sort of winged the whole project, having no clue what I was doing most of the time. Thank goodness I had hubby to help me. Yes, I need my husband to help me with sewing projects. He used to work for an upholstery shop before I met him. He’s one of those annoying people who is good at everything. I am one of those annoying people who isn’t good at anything.

First, in order to make an ottoman slipcover, you’ll need an ottoman.


I got mine at a yard sale last week for $5.

Then, you’ll need fabric. Inspired by The Nester, Pink and Polka Dot and Tiny Twig and their little get together that involved How To Make Slipcovers, I decided to go with white canvas duck fabric stuff. I was sold on the idea of taking it off and washing/bleaching it each time my kids smear peanut butter on it or jump on it with dirty feet. I got 2 yards of it at Hobby Lobby and crossed my fingers it would be enough.

First things first, I washed and dried my fabric. I should mention here that just putting something in the washer doesn’t mean it will get washed. I forgot to start the washer so my project was delayed a couple of hours before I figured it out. I never said I was on top of things.

To start the project after that, I laid it out, pinned the corners then sewed a seam from corner to corner all the way around so it looked like this:

Then, measured and chopped

Sewed the corners

Sewed the skirt part on so it was all goofy loose

Fixed up the skirt corners and sewed the hem and voila!

I think the corners need to be sewn down, they’re a little wild and I have to pat them down to get them to stay in place, so I think there is a little more sewing in the near future. But it’s fine for today and we enjoyed kicking our feet up on it last night to watch NCIS reruns. Does anyone else love that show? It’s the only show hubby and I watch together. And NCIS: LA. Yum. Sorry, I got sidetracked.

More photos of the ottoman now:


I really hate ironing but I think I might actually iron this. Just so my kids can jump all over it and wrinkle it up again. They think it is the perfect island to jump from couch to island to chair to avoid all the alligators in my living room. You see how they always make all my projects about them?

Total project cost: $18.

Ottoman: $5, Fabric $13

Fabulous AND thrifty!

adding this to Everything Etsy’s I Made It party – check it out by clicking the button!

and Melissa’s Beautiful Life Friday. Check it out!


joining Pink and Polka Dot’s Slipcover Party

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  1. Wow! Emily, I’m so impressed! It looks great.

  2. you did a GREAT job Emily!!……now I want to look for an ottoman!! How cool that your hubby helps with sewing!!♥

    Love it!!……..oh! you should link this to my I’m Lovin’ It Party on Friday!!(goes up thurs night!)

  3. Great job!!!

  4. this looks fabulous. it looks so custom & tailored.

    i need to do this but am a little scared. but as always, i never know until i try. i took a leap to make something last week & it turned out great…this maybe what i’ll do next week.

    good job.


  5. Wow! it looks simple. I can sew but never made a slipcover, but I need to.
    Yours turned out great!

  6. OMG, you have alligators in your living room, too? I worried I was the only one…..

    (The ottoman looks great, too!)

  7. Love this! We have an ottoman that could use a new covering. Maybe now I’ll be brave enough to give it a whirl this summer. Our kids love playing on ours too, but I cross my fingers when I see them on it these days, since Adelaide broke her arm after a fall (or push?!) from it last year. This will work perfect with your reading/writing corner too!

  8. How fun–you made it look easy . . .was it really easy :) .

    But seriously, I like reading about your DIY projects. Makes me *think* I might be able to pull of something similar one day. . .

  9. Great work – I’m impressed!

  10. LOVE THIS!!! You are so creative. First of all, congrats on the $5 find, second of all, congrats on successfully wingin’ it. Ha!

    PS – if you’re going to iron that thing, spray starch the heck out of it. Not only will the kids jump all over it, but your feetsies will wrinkle it up, too (she says from experience – ha!).

  11. I could never do that, but you make it look so easy I want to try!

  12. Man, you made that look easy… I’ve had an idea in my head to upholster my slipcovers in some canvas curtain panels w/ grommets at the top. I want teh grommets to be on the bottom pleats of the skirt. I have no sewing skills but high aspirations you might say. ANyway, you had me the whoel way – even on NCIS – we just love that show but you lost me with NCIS LA. We just never got in to it. Oh well, guess we can’t agree on everything. :)

  13. you done good, mamma!

  14. Fabulous job! I have been stumped on how to make this sort of ottoman – you made it easy peasy!

  15. I love it! And I wouldn’t even bother ironing it…I’m just against ironing. I don’t think I could do this!

    Yes, we all watch NCIS together. It’s our favorite show. :)


  16. i love it! it makes a gorgeous bridge for avoiding alligators at all costs! btw…i don’t iron.

  17. That looks great!

  18. Great job it looks wonderful. I love the idea of popping it in the wash to bleach it when need be.

  19. Nice job! Seriously, you did really well. I just finished a similar project, and made a slipcover for the chair, too!I used fabric drop cloths that I washed and bleached, during the sewing I thought I would pull my hair out at times. But I figured it out and am pretty happy with the results! When I posted the pictures of the results I felt even better, cause everyone lied and said how good it looks!
    But in your case, it really does look good!
    Have a good weekend!Come for a visit sometime.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  20. Your slip cover looks great! I want to do the same thing, just trying to get my courage up.

  21. I’m about to run out the door but I will most definitely be back! I scanned a couple of your posts and love the one statement about life not being perfect and not having perfect hair days. I can so relate but why do I think I have to look perfect for my picture to be taken? Who the —- ever came up with “Glamour Shots” should be shot! Be back soon!!!

  22. Found you from TCB and I’m so glad I did! I LOVE your backyard redo! What kind of paint did you use for the table and chairs??

  23. Oh this is beautiful and what a bargain! You did an amazing job!

    Kat :)

  24. I need an ottoman, full stop, and then I can make a gorgeous slipcover for it like this. :p

    And a diehard NCIS fan here. Been watching since the beginning, and FINALLY got dh into it. LA, though…I watch cause I am a sucker for spinoffs, but am not really falling for it. And dh refuses to let me watch it without earphones on, and a running commentary from him on how crappy it is. :eyeroll:

  25. Love it! It came out very cute…..

  26. Great job! and it looks much better. You should consider linking up with my weekly Slipcover Show-off party on Saturdays.

  27. Wow! You make it look so easy. It’s my goal to learn to sew this year – I have so many projects I want to do!

  28. I have an ottoman just like this I’ve been meaning to cover! This just might be the inspiration I need :)

  29. I have an ottoman I have wanted to slipcover for 6 years…I can do this! Thanks for showing me.

  30. I love it!! You did such a fabulous job sewing this up~! :D

  31. Very nice job. I wouldn’t even bother ironing it. It has that great – kick back and relax feel to it. Just my style!

  32. Great job. Everyone has a first time and it does get easier the more you do. Stop by and join my slipcover show-off link party.

  33. Very cute, I love how it turned out!

  34. I just thought that NCIS is a copy cat of CSI.-;-

  35. The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. – Quote by Henry Boye

  36. NCIS is much better than CSI in my own opinion, it has more drama and twists on the story**-

  37. actually i watch NCIS more often than CSI, NCIS offers more drama and have great characters compared to CSI~”.

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  39. i love to watch NCIS, the story is great and i love the special effects too *,-

  40. I need to do this! But … the pictures are deleted. Any chance you could put them back up??? :-) My ottoman (chewed on by the dog) would love you forever.


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