Savor The Small Moments

Savor The Small Moments

I woke up at 5:45 this morning to a bright flash of lightning followed by a loud clap of thunder. The loud crash of thunder was followed by the tiny sound of 4 feet shuffling across the tile floors into my room. Soon, my kids were wrestling for the best spot curled up next to mama. I had to quiet them by reminding them I have two sides. And the best kind of sandwich is a mommy sandwich. Soon, I had two kids surrounding me, and I was the filling. There was no more thunder, just some lightning illuminating the sky and the sound of raindrops against the bedroom windows to enjoy while the kids drifted back to sleep. Trapped there on the bed, instead of dozing back to sleep myself, I laid still enjoying the quiet sounds of mother nature mixed in with the sweet sounds of tiny heartbeats next to me.

Later in the morning, hubby arrived home from work. Since he works outside, he was sent home due to the rain. He helped me pack lunches, helped put socks and shoes on the kids and we took them to school together. After my Tuesday morning duties of school drop offs and school volunteering were over, we planned to meet back at home for some quiet time just the two of us. A true rarity round these parts. I walked in the door to the phone ringing to pick a sick kid up from school. So much for plans. After picking up my sick son, we arrived back home where I found myself curled back up in that same bed I’d been in a few hours ago but this time to settle a sweet boy to sleep. He napped, I napped. A true gift in the middle of the day on a Tuesday.

I woke up and left him there snoring, tucking the covers over his tiny body a little tighter. I found hubby and asked if he wanted to sit with me and have a chai tea. I asked if he’d like to play cards, too. We sat, sipping our spicy tea, playing gin rummy. It took a few turns before we both remembered the rules. We’re a little rusty at slowly passing time with card games. After we’d been playing a few minutes, I realized that the last time we’d played cards together like this was when I was pregnant with our first child. Two days before my scheduled induction for being 10 days overdue, we sat in a kitchen 1500 miles from here at this same kitchen table, laying out sets of 3s and 10s, timing contractions in between discards. That day, more than 5 1/2 years ago feels like a lifetime ago. I can still remember the heat from that July day in New York. I remember checking my watch over and over. Could this really be it? Could I really go into labor before my induction? Am I really about to be a mother? Will I know what to do?  What if I don’t know what to do?

Today, I sat at that same table and so many memories rushed back. A table full of dents, covered in glued on glitter, telling the stories of the most mundane moments that a family has spent together. The same table I sat at as a child for every bowl of Kix cereal before school and every family dinner. I thought of how when I was younger, my parents, brother and I all had our own spot at that table. I remember glasses of milk left there long after the evening dishes were done until we drank them. I remember cinnamon rolls and tangerines spread on that table on Christmas morning.

Small moments happen everyday. The moments we’ll remember most aren’t the ones that are planned weeks in advance and cost the price of admission and concession stand food. The biggest moments are the small moments. The ones that happen right in the midst of the chaos and the mundane. Savor them.

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  1. Ah man, Em. So beautiful!!!

  2. so so true.

  3. What a wonderful post about the continuity of memories. I know exactly what you mean! Beautiful. Bravo.

  4. Isabelle says:

    This was so beautiful!

  5. So sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Could you please share how you make chai?

    I’ve not tried here at home, but I’m not sure I could do it like I get from the coffee houses.

    Mom sandwich. The best kind, indeed.

  7. it would be quite strange for me to play cards in the middle of the day – even more strange with my husband. Yet, I know I need to break free from routine and take advantage of small moments like you described so well.

  8. I have that one kid out of four, who is a snuggle monkey anytime he can find an excuse. Kinda nice with my husband away so much. There can be such clarity with waking early in the morning. I do my best thinking then. Here’s to you, and warm thoughts.

  9. Great post:-) We just had card night with some friends and it was so much fun.

  10. Your blog is so becoming my favorite reads of the day! We spend so much time wanting to give our kids everything and honestly my daughter’s best memories are we eat dinner every night together or we spend the summers at the beach or the million other traditions we’ve done! Thanks for the reminders!

  11. Yes. I was not a mother until my late 30′s. I had all those same feelings. It is an awe-some thing to be a mother. Thank you for putting such lovely words to your moments and sharing them with us!

  12. Emily, you paint pictures with words like few people can. Beautiful post.

  13. I’ve come to realize that the small moments have the largest impact on ones memory. Makes for sweet memories. beautiful post.

  14. I would love to have a table with so many memories attached! What a blessing!

  15. I was thinking about the small moments while reading this post. The moments which came up clearly was the time when I was studying in the college; not so much of what we studied, but the time during the examination period where my friends and I were studying in the tutorial room or library. We were doing more talking than studying. And of course the run around the campus at 12am at night after our study session.

    Thank you for sharing your moments with us.