Displaying Children’s Artwork and Photos

Displaying Children’s Artwork and Photos

Last week, when I showed you the adjustment I made to the living room, I got some questions about where the armoire came from. It had been in my son’s room. A while back, we finally got around to doing a complete overhaul in his room, which can be found here little boy’s bedroom makeover.

When we moved the armoire out of there, it left a whole corner of his room empty. I didn’t want to go out shopping to fill the space, so we used what we had to make him a shelf where we can display favorite books, line up trains, and display photos and artwork.

His room is not this green, who knows what I did to mess up the lighting in that photo, but it’s not hard for me to mess up! Hubby painted the wood and installed the shelf. I bossed him around about what height it should be and he got cranky. Then when it was all over he admitted it was nice where I wanted it. I win!

In case anyone is curious about some of the things on the shelf, on the right hand side, there is the easy DIY wall art for kids that I made and posted at Living Locurto earlier this year. Over on the left is a leaning photo tile.

I used some of my favorite frugal stuff – jute twine and clothespins – to make another level for displaying photos and his artwork that he brings home from school. I like how non-commital a shelf and some twine and clothespins are. I can change out the artwork (we get so much new art from school every week, I sometimes feel like I am drowning in it) and photos and move them around all I want without harming any walls or frames in the process, like I did during the family photo wall project.

Remember the advent calendar I made in December? When I was packing up everything after the holidays, I decided to leave it up and use it as a message board. I had just decluttered it the day before I decided to take a pic and share it here. Some friends have come over and thought it was neat, so I figured it was worth sharing. It is often full of stuff like appointment cards and the occasional note, coupon, or whatever else seems appropriate at the time.

Apparently, I am a fan of the clothesline look!

How do you like to store and display favorite artwork and photos?

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  1. This is a great way to tidy up and display art projects. I saw an idea like this in an IKEA catalogue but alot more expensive! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  2. Well, you’ve seen how I’ve done it but I love the clothesline idea! SO FUN. Always fun to see your photography!

  3. I love the clothes pins! My girlfriend has triplets and put 3 clipboards on the wall. They can change their artwork whenever they want. Thought that was a cute idea!

  4. Though I don’t like clutter, I do have a special collection of my godkids’ artwork, special wedding invites, and funny magnets on the side of my fridge that isn’t open to the rest of the house. It’s tucked away by my cookbooks and whenever I’m over on that side of the kitchen I see it all and smile. : )

    I’ve been wanting to actually frame some of their artwork and hang it around the house, though!!!

  5. Love your solution for that corner of his room! Looks great with the clothesline above the shelves.

  6. I have the same exact set up in our school room. I have a wire across one of the walls and use clothes pins to hold up all of their artwork.

    I love it!

    Emily Reply:

    Thank you, Ruthanne!

  7. I LOVE the twine and clothespins! My son takes a class a couple of times a week and gets projects all the time. We’ve been taping them up (boring). The twine and pins looks so…crafty? I dunno the best word but it looks great!


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