DIY Holiday Shimmer Candles

DIY Holiday Shimmer Candles

This is a quick and easy craft that will shimmer up your home for the holidays. I only used things that I already had, candles from the fall season in orange, some epsom salt and mod podge. Easy peasy.

Spread some mod podge on each candle with a sponge brush, then roll the candle in epsom salt in a ratty old pan.

The result: sparkly shimmery candles for the holiday season that will instantly be upon us.

I promise they are cute when lit, I just am terrible at photographing them.

Those are not my tiny hands. They are my 5 year old’s hands. See? Easy enough for her? Easy enough for me. She even said to me yesterday while we were doing these, “Mommy, you are not very crafty. But you have some interesting ideas!”

Blogged for DIY Day at the brand spanking new home of A Soft Place To Land. Check out the many projects shared there that are actually fabulous.

Also, adding to Today’s Creative Blog’s Get Your Craft On, so be sure to check that out too!

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  1. Genius. Epsom salts!!! Heading out tomorrow to snag me some! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. So so smart, Emily!! I also love to spread the Epsom salts on a mirror like snow to gather around the candles for a centerpiece. Easy and fast!!

  3. Love it! Sounds like quite the little girl :)

  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    What a great idea to holiday-up some candles! Love the idea that you used Epsom salts.

  5. great idea, thanks!

  6. I love the look and the simplicity. Your daughter is a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Who would have thought to use epsom salt? You are BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Very cute! I have epsom salt on hand & can’t wait to make.

  9. Betsy Wolfe says:

    Great craft! After I did the first pilar, I scooped up the leftover epsom salts, put it in a little jar and added red food coloring….shook jar after adding and now I can do a red candle!! :)

  10. very crafty and very cute! I love that you used what you had.

  11. Hiya, I’m starting up a site and in the middle of making somewhat diverse articles. Do you object if I write something about this blog? Obviously I’ll give you and this site full acknowledgment.

  12. i love the idea but im wondering if mod podge is flammable?

  13. Awesome idea!!! I am going to try this…… Very creative yaa…

  14. I just discovered this website and absolutely love it. I can’t wait to try some of the decorating ideas.

  15. Hi there! I loved this so much that I featured it in my “100 Jolly Christmas Crafts & Decorations”! Have a great day!

  16. What is mod podge? From England and its lost in translation!

  17. these shimmering candles are gorgeous. thanks so much for the idea!

  18. Lois Player says:

    I made one of these and could not keep the epsom salts from coming off……What am I doing wrong

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  20. Holy shtzini, this is so cool thank you.

  21. Hey, that post leaves me feeling fosiloh. Kudos to you!


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