Simplify It: Buy Quality

Simplify It: Buy Quality

As I was decluttering my home last week, that there was an overwhelming theme to the things that I was parting with. Many of the toys, clothes, stuff that just wasn’t to be kept around any longer was that it wasn’t quality to begin with. Clothes that didn’t wash well, toys that didn’t hold up, things that broke that couldn’t even be given away.

I don’t think it’s necessary to spend a lot of money to buy quality items, it simply takes a little bit of intention and some forethought. And no, not every purchase has to be of the highest quality. I am not a stuff snob. I just want my things to work when I need them to work, my clothes to fit after I wash them, and for things to hold up for more than a week. A part of living frugally for me has been to buy quality and I always regret it later when I stray from that.

Some ways I acquire quality without always paying the retail price tag:

  1. find it in excellent used condition on craigslist or ebay
  2. if it’s something I don’t need forever, see if I can find someone to borrow from
  3. if it’s something I need forever and have something to offer – trade for it.
  4. search discount retail stores
  5. use price matching to your advantage. When we bought our new dishwasher earlier this year, Sears said they’d match any price within 60 miles. A lower-income area about 45 miles from here has a Lowes and they get lower pricing. Sears matched it +10% and I was a happy customer.

Do you acquire things simply based on price, only go for quality no matter the price tag, or find a happy compromise between the two?

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  1. I learned this lesson too – I no longer buy clothes at Kohls because they are just one season throw-aways. I have some tees from Lands End that I have worn probably 100 times (or close to it) and they are still in good shape. Now most of my clothes are Lands End bought either on markdown or on ebay.

    We too had a great experience getting a deal on a washer at Sears with their price matching. They even did the searching on their computer their. It was awesome!

  2. There definitely must be a balance between quality and cost. I am generally a bargain basement type of girl, but there are some things that are worth waiting to purchase and spending a little extra money on. I’m also a huge fan of Craigslist and Ebay. Like you, I want my stuff to last and work for me, not against me.


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