Cottage Garden Before and Now

Cottage Garden Before and Now

Five weeks ago, when we arrived here, the vegetable garden was going well. All summer, we’ve made a fresh salad with dinner after trekking to the garden to pick lettuce. We’ve been able to deliver bags of lettuce to friends on the lake and we’ve had neighbors stop by to take more when they’ve wanted it. The garden has overfloweth.

A shot of the garden when we arrived

And the garden as of last night

As if a home garden was not enough, my parents bought a 375 acre farm nearby the cottage a couple weeks ago. That will surely be a wonderful place to watch things grow over the many years ahead.

If anyone is interested, I can take you on a virtual tour of the fabulous farm, led by my 5 year old soon.

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  1. Hi Emily :)

    I can’t believe you time there is almost over… it seems as though you just arrived, doesn’t it? I enjoyed every post while you were there. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl :)

    I would love a tour of the farm!


  2. Holy cow, that is a lovely garden! 375 acres? That is AWESOME! What fun your kids will have growing up with so much beauty to explore!!

  3. I love a lush garden … looks WONDERFUL.

  4. Wow, this is amazing! You’re so lucky! We’ve been living in an apartment for years now & I miss gardening so much.

  5. That is an awesome garden and to be able to bless others is even better.

  6. Thank you for reminding me of my first tine vegetable garden back in the 1970′s. We had a tiny garden, but my mother sent a packet of carrot seeds by post so I felt obliged to get started. I knew why she did it, as my late father was a very keen gardener.

    The seeds were sown on soil that had been used for years for vegetables, and was very fertile. The crop of carrots gave a lot of pleasure in more ways than one. As I harvested them, an elderly neighbour looked on in awe. He had little success for decades with carrots, then he saw me pulling these giants from the ground. A couple of rows yielded a sack load of main crop carrots that lasted much of the winter.

    And yes, from that year I was addicted to growing my own whenever possible.