What I Love Right Now

What I Love Right Now

The thing about coming on vacation each year to spend weeks at the cottage is that I have to make an effort for it not to just become the regular every day of being at home. Often, we settle in and get comfortable and then it’s just like if we were home – only with a nicer view and a convenient place to swim. The fact is, I am a mother on vacation with my kids. And since my kids are my job, I’m always working – wherever I am.

If I let it, I could get dragged down and overwhelmed. And I admit that yesterday I did. I was ready to start calling people to see if I could send my kids away to them so we could ALL vacation. But I know if I did that, that 2 hours later I would want them back. On vacation. With me. I ended my woe is me day yesterday by inviting my daughter on a date. After dinner, I left the little one at home with his Gigi and Pop Pop and took my daughter to the little run down town the lake is near and we got ice cream. And walked. I thought back on days when I was a little girl getting ice cream with my mom and walking down this street. I thought about how big that street once seemed. I thought about how I never realized then how little and run down this old town was. I just remember ice cream and hand holding.


I felt better when we got home. More relaxed, less overwhelmed. I realized that what I needed wasn’t an escape from being mom but to plug back in to being mom. To embrace it and stop trying to wish that I could have endless hours to myself each day to go for runs, read books and work in the garden. Instead, I am going to put my mindset right back where it is when we are at home. With these kids. Loving every moment.

What I am loving right now

68 cent bubbles that provide hours of entertainment

A girl who will smile nicely for the camera

Even this boy who won’t

Two kids, sharing a step stool instead of fighting over it – united by their common desire to eat brownies

Sitting in the reading nook during the little one’s naptime. Just us girls – talking, reading and getting in some good old fashioned quality time together

This view from the nook

It always helps, when I am feeling overwhelmed, to remind myself of all the wonderful and beautiful things around me. What about you? What is making your heart smile right now?

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  1. My son graduated from high school on Thursday and while I love the young man he has become nothing will ever beat those moments of cuddling with him before bed reading, or eating ice cream sundaes for breakfast when school was called off due to snow or him presenting me with the surprise gifts he made me in art class. Even now an unexpected hug or compliment makes my day.

    Having raised him as a single parent I often longed for more leisure time and less responsibilities…and even now I still sometimes do but the only thing we create when we are in one place or situation and wish we were in another is stress and that isn’t what I want to create for myself or my son. I do my best to accept and enjoy where I am right now and when I do I am often rewarded with unexpected joyful moments.

    Oh but I so understand being tired or overwhelmed or stressed about money or whatever and how much strength it takes to push those feelings aside and be present and am sending you a big hug and smile for being able to do that both for yourself and your two adorable kids.

  2. Hey Denise – I gave up on auto mode and only shoot in manual now. Sometimes it doesn’t come out so well but sometimes I win :) Thanks for the compliment as I am really enjoying learning my “new” camera.

  3. I think you may have missed spoke when you said your kids are your job. I am sure by the pictures and reading more of your vacation story your kids are just that kids. I loved getting away to the mountain and cottage and lake when my kids were younger. I am running out the door now but something made me want to reply. I will continue when I return. Just your short store of your vac & the pictures made me think of some of the best vacation I ever had with my kids.

  4. These vacation pictures have caught the “feelings when things things are well in our lives” but somehow we miss the moments. I would love to have those feelings kept in a jar. Like when I was small catching “lighting bugs”. On the days when I feel cloudy I would open the jar and let the simple times and moments come out.


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