DIY Patio Project

DIY Patio Project

Remodeling Guy is hosting a Spring Remodeling Round Up today. I haven’t done any projects recently, but I thought it would be fun to rewind and share our patio again. We did this last spring. It went from a patch of dirt to a slab of concrete that we tiled, then topped with a $20 patio set from a yard sale that I spiffied up with some spray paint. This space has made being outside in our backyard so much more fun, cheerful, and practical.


Then I painted the patio set and added potted plants

and it’s just been there. We’ve enjoyed it immensely in the mornings and evenings when it is cool enough to actually sit outside. Now I have become a bit more obsessed with cozying up the space because the temperatures have been dropping and I have more time to sit outside during the days.

To go along with my vegetable gardening obsession, I have also been a bit obsessed with planting flowers in containers. Instead of paying for a section of fencing to close in part of the patio and give it more of an outdoor room feel, I lined one part with planters.


I can feel like there is some privacy there now when I am sitting and having my coffee in the morning. Not that our yard isn’t private anyway, but this is still nicer.



Be sure to check out more spring remodeling projects over at The Remodeling Guy today.

I am linking up to the patio party over at Life in Grace too!

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  1. Emily! This looks great! Howcome I can’t find stuff like that patio set for $20? That looks amazing in red! And you guys did a fabulous job on the slab (fun huh!) Thanks for joining in the Round-Up! Have a great Friday, and I’m going to be checking back in on those veggies… we have a vegetable garden going too and it’s coming along!

  2. Your patio is so fabulous, love it.

    I cannot wait to cozy up my new yard. It is a typical “new construction” yard… I need a fence and a patio and the whole shebang. I am thinking of a pea gravel patio and I want to make it all cozy like your space :-)

  3. l

  4. oops, sorry about that extra comment with nothing but an l in it ;-D oopsey!

  5. Great Job!

  6. Great Patio Ideas. I’m looking more for a front porch with a sitting area. Does anyone know of an online architect that designs front porches. Anyone familiar with RDC Architects?

  7. That looks great. What an improvement. It looks much more warm and welcoming.

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