On Purpose

On Purpose

I find myself wanting to slow down and teach my children with purpose. I don’t just want to teach them how to interact with friends, how to behave at home and school and what 2+2 equals. I want to teach them about their world. Perhaps more than anything else, this desire is what keeps my life simple and grounded. The opportunities for teaching are abundant just by walking outside, by looking around us at our world.

As we plant our gardens and plant new trees, I know we are teaching our children things so that they don’t take them for granted. Showing them the process of growing our own food is simply a lesson in where things come from.

It’s not just the garden. It’s nearly everything we do that we feel like provides an opportunity to show them how things work. Whether it is where blueberries come from or how to build a wall as we remodel our home, they sure are learning how to make things from scratch.

I don’t think it’s enough just to teach them how to plant seeds.   I hope that living purposefully in all we do will teach them the fundamentals they need. Whether it is the basics of personal finance and frugal living or the basics of starting a garden, I want to show them that life is not just a series of motions in which to fly through, never stopping to notice. I want them to notice – how things work, what things mean, and what works for them as individuals. And I hope they’ll notice that although the world can seem big and crazy, it can be simplified by living purposefully and focusing on fundamentals.

Is getting back to basics the answer? I don’t know. But I don’t think it can hurt. Whether it is teaching how to save pennies in a piggy bank or showing them that sweet peppers can be picked from a plant in the yard and not just bought at the store, I want them to know that their world is a big and beautiful place that can be influenced by even the tiniest of hands that work with purpose.

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