Back on Track

Back on Track

Something happened to me slowly and I didn’t notice it until I was forced to. I got sick over the weekend and while laying around moaning and grumbling about it, I also looked around me and realized that my house had become my worst nightmare. Clutter was gathering and it got to the point that I wasn’t even noticing it anymore. Things had sat out of place so long, they stopped looking out of place. I did have to find some humor in that my toddler had placed canned goods throughout the living room. At least I noticed those were out of place.

At the time that I realized what was going on around me, I was incapable of fixing it. I just had to lay there staring at the messes. Perhaps a combination of not being able to and sheer horror, I wanted so badly to start getting back on track. Once I was feeling better, I found my motivation to slowly, little by little, pick away at what needed to be done.

It’s amazing how easy it is to mess up a house without effort and how much effort it takes to fix it. I started by picking up stray toys. I cleared out outgrown clothes. I took things out of the house that were no longer working for us. Sometimes, although I have the best of intentions when something comes in, it just doesn’t work right here. I have to let it go.

One tiny step at a time, I put things back together around here. I emptied cupboards and scrubbed them. I washed the inside of the refrigerator before I grocery shopped. I wiped down doors, windows, baseboards. I don’t do all that well with focusing all my attention on one room at a time. So I moved, slowly, throughout the house. Working the tiny steps into our normal routine. While dinner cooked, I scrubbed out the microwave. While kids showered, I cleaned the bathroom. While folding and putting away laundry, I filled bags with clothing no longer worn. I moved furniture to make things more functional and managable.

Once the house began to look pretty again, it was amazing what it did for me. I know that there is no way to live an inspired and organized life if my surroundings aren’t inspired or organized. I was taking care of myself about as well as I had been taking care of the house. It had been far too long since my last haircut. I wasn’t taking care of me or putting my needs anywhere even near the list. My house was uninspired, cluttered and depressing. So too was I.

By taking a few tiny steps, nothing dramatic, but simply tackling it on a manageable level, I was able to get things back on track quite easily. Yesterday, amidst a very inspiring, fun, busy day, I went and got a haircut. I stopped making excuses and stopped waiting for the perfect time. I took both kids with me and let go of the dream of an afternoon at the salon alone. My son sat in a chair next to me singing to all of us and flirting with the ladies at the salon. My daughter got her haircut too, acting more grown up than I am prepared to admit she is. I felt rejuvenated and motivated and productive. All just by starting out picking up a few toys and ending with a haircut.


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  1. I love your haircut!

    Physical clutter leads to emotional clutter. It’s great that you noticed it and stopped it from piling on even more.

  2. Great post! I go through the same feeling and should push myself a little harder, the result is always worth it!

  3. Horror is a great motivator! Your post made me laugh, I get to the point of horror on a regular basis. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I certainly understand this. I have been looking at my house the last week wondering, “Where did all this stuff come from?!” About the haircut, I always make an appointment before I leave the hairdressers because I feel it’s easier for me to cancel an appt. than to make one.

  5. It’s amazing the dominoe effect when we clear clutter…it makes us feel so much better and touches all areas of our lives. Something we all have experienced ..thanks for sharing.


  6. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon
    every day. It will always be helpful to read content from other authors and practice a little something from their websites.


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