I regularly think that one of the most beautiful things about simple living is that life feels slower and more purposeful. By removing all the excess, there is more time, more space to enjoy the small moments of my days.

Sometimes the reality sinks in, though, that no matter what I do, I am not ever literally changing time. I can slow my pace, I can stop more to notice what is happening around me, but I can’t keep the moments from ticking away.

I can savor them, soak them in and hold on as tight as possible but little by little each one slips away, making room for new moments.

Before having kids, and when my daughter was born, I was constantly told to take photos, write things down. It all goes so fast. The beginning of having a child doesn’t feel fast though. Sometimes the days dragged on, the nights seemed oh so long when I was awake for unimaginable amounts of time in the darkness.

When I look back, I know it goes fast. And in this moment, I know it’s going too fast. My son is about to be 2. TWO. I can’t believe how fast we went from impossible teensy size 0 diapers to a boy who sprints to the toilet yelling “run run run”. And my daughter. Who ever said that I would go from nursing her during hot sleepless nights in July to deciding where to send her to Kindergarten in the blink of an eye?

Time goes fast. Moments zoom by. No lifestyle changes that. Things aren’t slower because of the life I’ve chosen and the way I live. But I can hold onto the fact that I’ve been present for a lot more of the moments. I can take comfort in memories of sunny afternoons spent giving “just one more push” on the swings in the yard.

I haven’t slowed time, but I’ve slowed our pace. More time is spent laughing, building, learning, getting dirty, and making memories. Too many moments to put them all in photo books. Some I will just have to store in my mind. I can’t possibly write it all down, capture it all. But by slowing my steps, making it my purpose to be a sponge full of memories from mispronounced words to afternoon naps curled up in a lap that will never be too small to hold them and arms that will always be strong enough to hug as tight as they need.

No, I can’t slow it down. But I can notice and appreciate more as the moments fly by.

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  1. “Sometimes the days dragged on, the nights seemed oh so long when I was awake for unimaginable amounts of time in the darkness. ”

    This is where I am now. I’m looking forward to more than 2 hours of sleep at a time! I know that it will eventually happen, and my little guy will be a big guy before I know it.

  2. Gosh! you’ve put it down so beautifully. I might just cry!

  3. You wonderfully show that slow is beautiful and slow is conscious living. Time goes quickly enough. Rushing through our days just compounds the effect!


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