Shopping at TJMaxx

Shopping at TJMaxx

I was given a $25 gift card to TJMaxx right before Christmas. Since I’d already used a $25 gift card at Marshall’s and my gift shopping was done, I decided to use this one for myself.

I took both kids with me and that was the only thing I would do differently. I have to really concentrate when I am bargain shopping and a 4 year old and toddler don’t really help my concentration level. I browsed through their women’s clothing and passed over a some great items because none of them were anything I really needed. I headed to the household department and decided to find a couple things for displaying in the house. I have a few empty spots that needed a little inspiration infusion.

I ended up spending about 2 hours browsing everything. My kids wanted to look at all the kid stuff and my daughter wanted to get me a necklace so we looked at those for a very long time but I told her she should have her daddy take her shopping for that sometime. TJMaxx carried a lot of the same things that I had seen at Marshalls but some stuff that was different. I love the storage solutions like baskets and boxes that they have there for low prices. And kitchen stuff. I am not a gadgety kitchen person but I do really like a few functional pieces so I always check out what they carry when I am in there.

I decided on a white cake stand and a huge glass apothecary jar full of fake green apples. The cake stand has already seen much use in the past couple weeks since it makes it easy to serve yummy baked goods on when we have people over. And the apothecary jar with the apples adds the little bit of color I was looking for. I like that I will be able to change that out and put new things in it depending on the season and my mood. It seems like it will be a very functional piece (if making me cheerful is it’s only function, well, what is wrong with that?).

I enjoyed my experience in TJMaxx, aside from my antsy kids. I enjoy shopping stores like TJMaxx because of the discounted prices on quality items. Do you shop stores like this? I think they’re an excellent tool for any frugal person to have in their arsenal.

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  1. Marshalls and TJMaxx are my favorite stores in NYC. The ladies in Marshalls (Harlem) know me on a first name basis.


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