Link Love: I’m Overwhelmed Edition

Link Love: I’m Overwhelmed Edition

Remember when I said I want to slow down? Well, I do. It’s just not been as easy as I’d idealistically imagined. I am still finding moments to roll in leaf piles with my kids and curl up with hot chocolate while dust bunnies gather in my corners. Maybe it’s all the Christmas decorations that are out and around my house that make it feel more overwhelming. Or make me think with all the shiny pretty that it’s okay not to vacuum. Whatever it is, I feel behind. I know I just have to let go and take a yoga class or something to relax about it all.

A Bit More Balanced
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On with some really inspiring links!

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Small Steps

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Thank you to all of you for the traffic you send my way, I appreciate each and every referral.

Just for fun, the top 5 articles by views for the month of November were:

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. This might be the hardest part of the year to slow down – but only a few more weeks! Thanks for the mention…. :-)

  2. Hey, thanks for all the readers you’ve sent my way, too, Emily! I’m off to read some of these posts you linked to. You always come up with some good ones for us. Enjoy the weekend! :-)

  3. Boom shkkalaaa boom boom, problem solved.