Little Moments of Productivity

Little Moments of Productivity

Each night, after my family is asleep and I finally find my moments of quiet, I have a little routine. I turn the stove on and heat up water in my tea kettle so I can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and relax. While the water is heating up, I empty my dishwasher, load the dirty dishes and wipe down my sink and counters.

A simple, quick little routine that makes a big difference.

It doesn’t take a lot of time. That few minutes that would otherwise be wasted away sitting and waiting is put to good use.

I find myself stealing other small moments to be productive throughout the day. Like cleaning my shower before turning the water off when I am done. Wiping down my bathroom sink while waiting for a toddler on the toilet. Organizing paperwork and bills while uploading photos to the computer. Making beds while the kids get dressed. Small moments that I can otherwise just spend waiting, I fill with small things that add up fast and make my home feel more manageable.

Do you find yourself stealing little moments like this to get things done because it works better than waiting for large chunks of time that rarely ever arrive?

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