Simple Ways to Start a Productive Day

Simple Ways to Start a Productive Day

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I have found that the key to a productive day at home with my kids means settling into a routine that fosters productivity. I am not talking about lists or schedules. I personally am not that kind of girl. I do believe that doing a few simple things each day, I am setting the stage for a day that is productive and fulfilling.

Aside from filling up on lots of coffee, here are a few things I do each day to get myself motivated and productive.

  • Start the night before – A few things I do each night so that the next morning can start smoothly are to clean the kitchen, organize paperwork, homework, keys and purse at the door, and prepare snacks when necessary.
  • Set my alarm – by at least setting my alarm, I am more than likely to have time to myself before my kids wake up to get showered, dressed and organized. That doesn’t always work out, as occasionally one of them wakes up with my alarm too, but it’s a good effort.
  • Make the bed – this is one of my favorite quick, easy little tasks that starts each day off. Not only does it start off the day on the right foot by getting something done, but an unmade bed just looks so messy and a made bed makes a room appear instantly tidy to me.
  • My timer – I’ve mentioned before my use of a timer for productivity around the house.

So, those are a few little things I do to keep myself motivated and productive. What works for you? I’d love to hear more motivating and productive ideas, so please jump into the comments and share!

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  1. Great input everyone! Kate, I agree that it’s amazing what we can get done if we challenge ourselves to the “while the coffee is brewing, let’s see how productive I can be”. I too find myself doing those kinds of things, but I guess it wasn’t as conscious until you mentioned it because I never really thought about it before.

    @Jill, love the visualization tip!

    @Le, good luck taking back control! :)

    @Vintage, what ever do you mean? I never get sidetracked by the computer! :)


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