Life Without Cable TV

Life Without Cable TV

I am not sure I have ever talked about the fact that I don’t have cable TV. Since I left home at 17, I have never paid for cable. I watch fuzzy network stations with rabbit ears. I often feel like I am the last person in the good old USofA without cable tv. Seriously! Someone please feel free to pipe in and let me know I am not the last one standing.

Occasionally, I find myself longing to watch Law & Order marathons or plopping my kids in front of Noggin all day or flipping to HGTV to look at a bunch of houses that only serve one purpose – to make other houses feel bad. But then I snap back to reality and enjoy not having the lure of TV sucking away hours of my day. I enjoy not adding one. more. bill. to our proudly tiny stack of them.

But then…THEN. I read this post in my reader and was all, “Wait? what’s Hulu? What’s Miro?” So I did it. I typed in and I have been sucked in. I can watch hilarious late night television shows without the ads while I fold laundry. I can watch Law & Order reruns while my kids have nap time and quiet time.

I am seriously in trouble. As if I needed one more excuse to have the computer on.

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  1. We don’t watch/have cable or even rabbit ears! We are totally disconnected! And we don’t have internet either, I get it at work.

    It’s been a real blessing not to have cable pumped into our home. We rent DVDs from Netflix, where we can pick and choose movies according to their ratings and content. You are much more in control over what comes into your home that way. I can’t believe people pay $50+ to watch TV each month. Everyone’s different, but it is such a waste of time! especially commercials. When I go to the gym and the TV is on, I am shocked by the sexuality on commercials and in TV shows. I guess that’s what happens when you unplug!


  2. The cable company recently shut off the free cable they had been pumping into our home for the last 2 years. We have a Tivo HD and are able to use that to watch/record HD shows…though it is a small monthly fee it’s worth it to us to delay watching the Olympics or prime time shows until after the kids go to bed.
    Hulu is great…we watch it when using the elliptical in our office…however for our favorite shows where it’s more of a treat to indulge in watching, the computer monitor just doesn’t compare to a couch and big screen.

  3. I wish hulu worked for me. It just tells me that it can only stream video to IP addresses in the US (but I hear it also says that to some folks who actually do live in the US, not so great).

    I’ve tried some of the other optio

  4. Sorry ’bout that. This is typing with a 17 month old “helping”.

    I meant to say that I’ve tried some of the other options and actually watched a couple of things but some of them don’t play in full screen or have Chinese subtitles or whatever. But it was still really neat to watch the pilot episode of Time Tunnel!

    If I wasn’t so exhausted in the late evenings I’d definitely spend some time watching shows I loved when I was a kid. It’s not like I need it for current stuff. We share cable with my daughter and son-in-law and they get everything.

  5. I haven’t had cable in two years. I get everything off the computer or Netflix. I swear, if I still had cable, Writer Dad wouldn’t even be conception.

  6. Oh, yay, there are *others* :)

    Sorry to anyone that I just introduced to a new addiction!

  7. Yep, we match. No cable, and a weakness for

  8. I watch more things from the show’s sites than from network tv. But I only just discovered hulu and I love it. *sigh* I just wish I’d found it earlier. There are so many random gems…besides the shows.

  9. thanks for the replies everyone! @rachel, you’ve sort of shattered my illusion that there are hundreds of people around the world waiting at their reader with bated breath for my new posts :)

  10. he he! sorry!

  11. bounncingback says:

    No cable, no high speed internet and I’m avoiding site slike Hula and Miro, I’d never get anywork done.

    I did have cable for a bout 2 years, it came with the apartment I rented.

  12. I haven’t had cable for a few years. The time when I got tired of paying for cable and the time when YouTube started to take off ended up coinciding fairly well.

  13. I don’t own a television, either. Or have internet at home. I had a TV for many years and watched it a lot. Amazing Race, Nanny 911, Big Loser, Wife Swap, etc., one anesthetically segueing into another. I tapered off very gradually and one day I unplugged it to clean under it and didn’t bother to plug it back in. Pretty soon, it became a gargantuan dust collector and space eater, so I sold it. Now, at home I have a laptop, so the shows I watch on it are beloved ones I buy off iTunes or Netflix movies. I love staying in hotels because the minute I walk in the room, I turn on the TV and click through all the channels. It’s so exciting. Then after a couple of hours, I get bored and cut it off. Then I cut it back on later to suck in all that stimulation while I have the chance, then get bored again…

  14. We cancelled our cable since early this year and so far so good. Sometimes I do miss not having the cable, but the shows are endlessly repeated.

    And seems to be only for you lucky (or unlucky…hehe) US people.

  15. No cable, no antennae, since 1990 or so. No TV watching.

    I do use the old TV for watching library movies tho on occassion.

  16. No cable here. We down load shows when we find something we like. We have friends who buy the DVDs of all kinds of shows. We borrow those. Elizabeth. I am totaly the same way when we stay in hotels. I think I’d pay for tv if I could just get the stations I want and nothing else, Discovery is the big one.

  17. When we bought our home about 10 years ago we were threating our boys about dropping cable they said that we could not do it. We did it! But we learned how much money we were saving and decided that it just was not worth the time nor moiney that it was stealing from us. Our children learned to play games together and well we were adopting another child and the social workers came to do monthlky check one us and they saw about 6 boys aroung our dining room table and wondered what the hub bub was about and they were playing a card game together and having a blast I might say. She wanted to know how many more Kids we could sqeeze into our hom to adopt. haha. It has been a blessing rather than a loss. With the new digital signals about we can get about 16 channels for free when we choose to watch it, but mostly we use it like a theatre, a movie and popcorn and surround and we are set to go..

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