Sunday Morning Links

Sunday Morning Links

It doesn’t feel like Sunday. Our week got all out of sorts when Fay came through and left hubby at home for two weekdays and has him working this weekend.

Here are some awesome blog articles that I read this week for your Sunday morning reading pleasure:

  • First, I’d like to mention this fabulous giveaway at Simple Mom. Just please don’t win, because I want to :)
  • I have a post up at Blissfully Domestic with ideas for frugal date night
  • The Good Human reminds us that your lifestyle choices can create positive change in the world.
  • Clever Dude writes riches do not equal prosperity and I could not agree more. I have learned that just because someone has a big house and a car or four doesn’t mean they’re prosperous. Clever Dude’s take is a honest look at his own situation and I love the end when he points out what really matters.
  • My Two Dollars shares 13 Ways to Save Money and Go Green.
  • Almost Frugal did a great series on Your Frugal House sharing 5 ways to save money in different areas of your home. This article is the home office and at the end, there are links to the other 4 areas of the home. Be sure to check them all out!
  • Wide Open Wallet shares her take on A Healthy Budget. A great take on budgeting and that budgeting doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying life.

From The Money Life Network

I am starting a series here tomorrow on Simple Storage Solutions For Your Home. I hope you’ll tune in, as I think it will be fun!!

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  1. thanks for the link! still digging the new look!

  2. I gotta say I really do like the new look – really inviting! Thanks for the link!

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