A Simple Girl

A Simple Girl

What is simplicity? Well, that is the beauty of it – it’s different things to different people. I love to wear designer jeans and heels but I also like to spend a lot of time in my garden. I love to dig in the dirt and play with my kids in the yard. To me, simplicity is a mindset. It’s about making your life one that is easy for you to live and changing the way you think about and do things.

For me, it’s about getting back to basics, and enjoying small things. It may seem like a contradiction that simplicity often means spending more time doing things. Like line drying clothes. Takes longer than just tossing them in the dryer. But trust me, once you get a system going that works for you? Simple. Gardening? Time consuming. But when you eat food you grew yourself, it is incredibly rewarding and just feels so simple.

I like making things instead of buying them when I can. This often makes more work for me, but that’s a trade-off for not having to drive to the store and pay someone for it. And I like the pride in having made something myself. I especially like if it comes out imperfect because it makes what I do that much more unique.

Life doesn’t have to be about minimalism to be simplistic. I think my life is simple more because of my mindset than anything else. I release all the chaos from my life and mind. I stop worrying about what others think. I forget about the past and just live for today. I declutter my life. All of those things simplify who I am today. They make room for the good stuff to become part of me. By eliminating worthless things from my days, I am making room for things with value. My days feel more relaxing, slower, and fulfilling because I am not doing a lot of things that I don’t want to be. I have finally started to let my life take shape as my very own and not one that anyone else wants it to be.

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  1. I am in this stage right now and I am loving it. I am trying to slow down and take pleasure in the little things- time to garden, time to read, hanging the clothes on the line, knitting. The best part is the satisfaction I feel in myself from making these changes. It makes it all totally worth it!

  2. This is inspiring!

    To me, a lot of it does have to do with minimalism. Clutter drives me crazy. My house is completely clutter-free, but I still need to work on de-cluttering my mind. :)

  3. Love your writing, can’t wait to get to know you!

  4. I’m definitely enjoying simplifying things. I love how my current interests seem to mesh so well: simple living, decluttering, green living, frugal living, enjoying minimalist design, natural living, etc.

    While I could go a lot further in any of those directions, right now I’m just happy to sit down, look around, and breathe, content with things in a new way.

    Maybe it’s just the great soil we have here, but I find that our garden pretty much takes care of itself. We just turn on the sprinkler every other day if it hasn’t rained and occasionally pick some weeds (most of the time we can just scrape the surface with a tool to uproot the little weeds). We borrowed a tiller from our neighbors, so planting was easy. We got seedlings from our neighbors and then added some that we bought locally. Dare I say, we’ve spent less time on our garden than we have grocery shopping — which we do a lot less nowadays. And how convenient it is to walk out the back door, grab some herbs or peppers and add them to a meal! With the chicken coop finally chicken proof, we’re hoping to get two hens this week or next so we can do the same with eggs.

  5. Emily – once again, you’ve really touched a part of me – simplifying life – I love the way you are doing yours and look forward hearing more and more about it.

  6. Oh I love the name of your blog. And I love this post! I always feel like I need to simplify, but it never occured to me that it didn’t have to mean “less” of something all the time.

    Thank you for that insight. It’s a powerful one for me. (I’m dim sometimes.)

    We’ll have to exchange pics once the braces come off!

  7. I agree that making something simpler doesn’t necessarily mean that you find a way to shorten the time it takes to get it done. I think simplifying is about reducing worry and stress, doing what feels right to you instead of following the success formula layed out by society, and getting more joy out of life. If hanging your clothes out to dry and planting your own garden does that for you, great!

  8. “By eliminating worthless things from my days, I am making room for things with value.”

    Love this, Emily! I’m very much all about simplicity, and your thoughts here echo a lot of my convictions. Well said.

  9. So true, well said dear!!!!