A Kitchen Full of Window Mistreatments

A Kitchen Full of Window Mistreatments

I got a little crazy with the upholstery tacks and hammer yesterday. I was at Goodwill over the weekend and hit the jackpot. I walked out with a huge piece of beautiful fabric, a Seven for all Mankind Jeans skirt, a pair of Diesel Jeans shorts, new Stride Rite shoes for Monkey and a couple dresses (for me and her). Spent $29 and was so excited. I loved the fabric but wasn’t sure how far it would go and what I would do with it. I had in mind doing all the windows with mistreated valances in the dining room. Well, there wasn’t enough for all 3 windows for the standard length of a valance, but you know what? I am an unconventional girl and I don’t care if my valances aren’t the “proper” length. I dare anyone that comes visit me to take out a measuring tape and call me on it. Other than any of you. Please don’t. I might cry.

If I hadn’t been totally lazy and actually decided to *gasp* sew the valances, they would’ve been proper. But I am lazy and I am not at all a perfectionist so I grabbed my scissors, my hammer, my upholstery tacks and I got to mistreating. There was no tape, thread, hot glue involved. Just some folding, some tacks and a hammer.

Here is the fabric

And here is my hammer wielding helper

I paid $3 for the fabric and 97 cents for the tacks. And here is the end result

Then I decided while I was going crazy with the hammer and the kids were occupied smearing peanut butter all over the table, I would do something with my windows over my sink. I remembered that The Nester posted recently an idea to use napkins folded as triangles. So I tried that. I didn’t even iron them. I don’t iron. I don’t sew if I can help it. Can you believe I am a housewife?!

So I tacked those napkins up there and voila! 50 cent window treatments. I got the napkins at a yardsale and have an apron to match. Actually, I only used 4 napkins and I bought 6 of them plus the apron for 50 cents so if you carry the 2 and do a little long division you can figure out just how little these cost me. They’re not perfect, but oh, neither am I. We’ll get along quite fabulously, my window mistreatments and I.

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  1. Cute helper.

    Those napkins look pretty neat!


  2. Very creative!


  3. you are so gonna be arrested for window abuse. Nice work!

  4. I love it!!! I did the napkin trick in my bedroom several years ago, I found gorgeous organza napkins with sparkles hanging from one side at West Elm. I bought them in purple and draped them across the top of my vanilla shears in my bedroom…they are gorgeous.

  5. I absolutely LOVE them BOTH. I think they are the perfect length. I love that length infact.

    That really made an impact in your kitchen. That pop of red (to match your sauce pans of course. ;) ).

  6. I love that blue fabric!
    They look wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  7. Very cute fabric!

  8. Emily, who needs to sew when you have a hammer and nails :)

    They look great!

  9. Love them! You did a great job! :)

  10. You did a great job! Love love love the kitchen napkin valance!! OK, I cannot believe you made out so well at Goodwill–what a lucky duck! oh–and I don’t iron either. I even go so far as to scrunch fabric of clothes at the store to see if it wrinkles easily. If is does, then I don’t buy it–haha!

  11. Love, love, love those napkins in the kitchen. It makes it look bright and cheerful.