How to Learn a Language Effectively

Learning a new language can be as complex as you want your mind to consider it to be. When you start

learning the bits, you will be looking at a minimum of four inter-linked skills. That is listening,

speaking, reading and writing. To fully grasp all of these, you will have thousands of rules and aspects

of pronunciation, grammar, subject-object positioning, vocabulary, etc. to learn, memorize and follow.

Wrapping your mind all around these things demands that you have determination to succeed and a

targeted goal to achieve. We compiled a check-list of things that can help one learn a new language

quickly and effectively. They have been tested and proven and we believe they can work for anybody,

including you! Check them out below:

1. Commit Yourself

Why are you learning the new language? Answering this question effectively will help you to commit

yourself to this endeavor. Knowing why you want to learn a new language will go a long way in helping

you to remain motivated in your journey. Do not just learn French or Russian in order to impress your

English peers with your skills in the new foreign language; it is not worth the effort! Remember about

getting some language learning aids, such as dictionaries or textbooks to make sure you have a

trustworthy point of reference. You can get such materials at discounted prices with 30% off Kohl’s coupons and promo codes.

2. Begin with Pronunciation

When you begin to learn a new language, your biggest challenge is definitely going to be memorizing all

the new words and grammar rules that bring them together and form the language. That is why you

need to put a lot of emphasis on pronunciation early on in your learning journey. It is much more

difficult to memorize words that you cannot pronounce well. Therefore, train your ears to listen to the

pronunciation right from the beginning and learn to memorize the sounds. This will also help you gain

better listening comprehension, as well as quicker vocabulary and speech acquisition.

3. Choose your Vocabulary Right

According to computational linguistics, learning the top one thousand frequently-used words in a new

language enables one to read up to 70% of text in that language. However, learning the next one

thousand only enables you read 10% more text, and the next one thousand, 4% more. You can use this

knowledge to your advantage by starting with the words that are relevant to your goal for learning the

new language. Pick your vocabulary according to your needs.

4. Have Some Fun!

Act like a child; submerge yourself in the new language without worrying about making mistakes; do not

be too self-conscious about it. Be creative with learning your new language: write and record songs or

poems, have a radio-play with your learning partner, draw some comic strip, talk to whomever! By the

way, the notion that children are better learners of new languages is a myth. The only reason that

children beat adults in this is because they are not too conscious about it. They do not even realize they

are making mistakes when they do. They do not mind what people will think or say when they make

those mistakes. They are willing to learn without any social restrictions or taboos!

5. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Whichever methods or tools you are using to learn a new language, it is very important that you practice

what you have learned every day. Try to think in your new language, speak in it, write in it, listen to

music and radio — submerge yourself in the culture as much as you can! And if possible, get a partner

with whom you can learn, err and make mistakes together.

In conclusion, what we are saying is: know why you are learning your new language, know what is

important and what is not, leave your comfort zone, be willing to indulge yourself in the new language

culture, make mistakes, have fun with it and practice!

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